Spring 2012 043

Gently dancing in the sun
Small flowers grow;
they bloom,
are gone.

With no thoughts,they have no cares;
Yet their lives are gentle prayers.
May I walk in such a way
That I am alive to this day.

So I see with widening view,
And joy and sorrows embrace too.
Then my time will come like yours…
And of us nothing shall endure.

As to the earth our bodies go,
All are one;it shall be so

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No wall endures forever nor does fame.

We are so near though yet so far apart
A wall of stone makes concrete all our fears.
For even if we change our minds and hearts
This wall and all its meanings will endure.

Even in suburban avenues
Men have knifed their neighbours in  red rage
We hate those people who have different views
And cypress trees too tall  feel like  a cage.

We long for closeness,yet we fear too much.
Invulnerable and strong we like to be.
Yet, without  open hearts, we fear all touch;
And into bright red flames , we  foolish flee..

No wall endures forever nor  does fame.
When we  reach our deaths we’re  all the same

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Six ways to ignore those horrible people

Devon Veracity 4

1.Never wear your glasses  if you are myopic.If your vision is good wear someone else’s glasses so you become myopic
2.Use a white stick and  put a bandage over one eye
3.Wear a badge saying,I  have herpes and I’m ok~
4 Put some pine disinfectant on instead of perfume and walk sideways on the sidewalk.Ask questions rather than answering them.
5 Never reply to their emails and put the answer phone on
6. Run everywhere as fast as you can and look suspicious

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Six ways to change your mind

Devon Morris dancing1.Get drunk and propose to your partner.
2.Dig up the dead cat and give it a funeral.
3.Read Hermeneutics ,a short introduction
4. Make love not war
5.Drink two pints of  hot tea
6.Get suspicious and be kind to  the neighbours.If you have no neighbours then be kind to people here!

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Now the Requiem precedes the war

Now the Requiem precedes the war
And nobody knows quite what this war is for.
Unless it is to show the world contempt
From so called Christian leaders who’re hell bent

We talk about how great we are and fair
Yet  British soldiers roasted Kenyans over fires.
And who  has seen no burning child napalmed
Used in Vietnam  for peace and calm

We ,the warriors of Viking stock,
Conquered half the world  and natives mocked.
Now we claim we’re better than the rest
I wonder how the Holy One will test.

Judge  not all  by stereotyped ideals
When we ourselves have fractured what is Real

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The War Requiem

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Poetry,politics and sound in Benjamin Britten



“But Britten’s most celebrated melding of poetry and music was the large-scale composition of six movements, War Requiem, performed in 1962 for the opening of the new cathedral in Coventry, built to replace a cathedral destroyed by bombs during World War II. Britten wrote the piece for three soloists, a chamber orchestra, a full choir and main orchestra, and a boys’ choir and organ. He used the Latin text of the Requiem Mass, or Mass for the Dead, along with nine poems of Wilfred Owen, the World War I poet who died just days before the signing of the 1918 Armistice. The somber and powerful work, which expressed the composer’s anti-war sentiments, was well received by critics and audiences alike.”

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The sensuous world contains both word and fire.


Spoken words are part of a complex
Of gesture, touch, expression, and desire.
They are not cut off, separate, nor perplexed.
The sensuous world contains both word and fire.

To  concentrate   communion to mere   tongue,
To ignore  all  expression  but our words
Seems  to be a folly and a wrong
For all that happens cannot but be heard

Our hands, our eyes, our movement  create shapes
With speech, we learn  to give shape  proper form;
And as a  lover in his bed may grope,
His heart seeks for the words which will be charms

There is no split between our worlds and minds
Their conjunction  gifts appropriate signs

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The patterns of the speech are free for all

The absolute distinction of our tongues
As if a boundary is a metal wall
That idealised separation must be wrong

As we near the edges of our land
The patterns of the speech are free for all
No absolute distinction of the tongues

Before the printing press and written songs
There was no “correct” way for us to call
That perfect separation must be wrong

To bind the bunch of wanderers we’re among
A “received” pronunciation’s forced on all
An absolute distinction of each tongue.

In government and schools the force is strong
In older dialects we cannot wail.
That perfect separation must be wrong

The rulers and their powerful codes   prevail
Their employees write out books in great detail
The absolute destruction of broad tongues,
Like  forceful  separation, is  still wrong


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