Attention in the moment, that is grace

Attention in the moment gives us grace
To lose our self in seeing brings us peace.
We see the most when we are most effaced

Life is  a strong tapestry of lace
The little threads connect and never cease
Attention  to each  moment  brings us grace

A friend who never doubts, we can’t embrace.
They make  themselves more boring than a beast
We hear the most when we are most effaced

A friend who’s open gives our hearts solace.
With these, we share the wine, enjoy a feast
Attention  to each  moment  brings us grace

We will  meet our  lovers as we play;
Who notices the details, most and least.
We feel the most when we are most effaced

In our soul, we feel the spring release.
Guarded by attention, not police.
Attention in the moment, that is grace
We see the most when we are most effaced


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The cigarette


If I go I won’t tell you.
I’ll just disappear one day.
Like when a cigarette, which seemed so long,
suddenly has become smaller
and you never noticed it
because you were talking
about the meaning of life
while life was somewhere else
blown away with your smoke
into the sky
and then dispersed
never quite visible again
but still floating on the breeze
hoping to be caught
in a butterfly net
but unable to communicate
except by flying.
If I go it will not be today
but it will be an ordinary day
no one will realise
that it’s that day
that the bird flies
from her nest
to go to a new place
only seeing the deserted nest
he realises,
my bird has flown

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Love’s fare

One experience human beings share
We new born are infants, helpless, lost
We are each dependent on love’s care

If no-one helps, we howl in our despair
Society will later bear the cost
One experience human beings share.

We know the world is unjust and unfair
But we as humans hope our love  will last
We are all  dependent on its care

If we are religious, we use prayer
Admit no power as by the sea we’re  tossed
One experience human beings share.

Birth and death and loss of love we bear
If we loved  the ones we lost
Who were all  dependent on love’s care

Of your grandeur do not boast
A sin against the Holy Ghost
This  fine experience humans share
We are all  dependent on love’s fare

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Why do mathematics?

000d4-scan0001Number can’t insult you nor criticise you
Numbers are not wounded if you refuse to play with them
Mathematics uses logic and reason [ and intuition], unlike politics,
Numbers  don’t shout
Numbers can’t lie except when people misuses them in statistics.
Letters in algebra are abstract but more comprehensible than modern art.
You can play with a pair of compasses  all day
You can draw graphs and learn about shape
You can understand perspective[s]
You can use money safely
You can add up your bank account.

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The just world fallacy



” “Zick Rubin of Harvard University and Letitia Anne Peplau of UCLA have conducted surveys to examine the characteristics of people with strong beliefs in a just world. They found that people who have a strong tendency to believe in a just world also tend to be more religious, more authoritarian, more conservative, more likely to admire political leaders and existing social institutions, and more likely to have negative attitudes toward underprivileged groups. To a lesser but still significant degree, the believers in a just world tend to ‘feel less of a need to engage in activities to change society or to alleviate plight of social victims.’”

– Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez from an essay at The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

You’ve heard “what goes around comes around” before, or maybe you’ve seen a person get what was coming to them and thought, “that’s karma for you.” These are shades of the Just World Fallacy.”

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The psychology of victim blaming



““I think the biggest factor that promotes victim-blaming is something called the just world hypothesis,” says Sherry Hamby, a professor of psychology at the University of the South and founding editor of the APA’s Psychology of Violencejournal. “It’s this idea that people deserve what happens to them. There’s just a really strong need to believe that we all deserve our outcomes and consequences.”

Hamby explains that this desire to see the world as just and fair may be even stronger among Americans, who are raised in a culture that promotes the American Dream and the idea that we all control our own destinies.

“In other cultures, where sometimes because of war or poverty or maybe sometimes even just because of a strong thread of fatalism in the culture, it’s a lot better recognized that sometimes bad things happen to good people,” she says. “But as a general rule, Americans have a hard time with the idea that bad things happen to good people.”

Holding victims responsible for their misfortune is partially a way to avoid admitting that something just as unthinkable could happen to you—even if you do everything “right.””

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