How kind

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My neighbours are so kind they share their dogs
They let them run quite free into my house
They blame me when  the dogs escape
Or when they swim in dirty lakes
Or frighten cows

The neighbour on the other side is cute
He cuts bits of my trees and throws them out
He threw a big pile over t’ fence
I can see through one eye lens
Fly tipping lout!

So here I am   trapped in between these saints
I am grateful for the topics  they  have lent
I shall not hate them nor despise
But neither will I close my eyes
It takes all sorts

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Home and light


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Life in the USA

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All you need to succeed is to do things differently.

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Basically. all you need to succeed is to do things differently.
So, with your clothes, you wear your underwear on top  of your outerwear.Like Madonna’s corset
There is a problem.. your outwear will get dirty next  to your naked  body.So you wear antiperspirant all over and after 2 days you die.Also it’s hard to walk in a skirt when you have underpants on top and even harder to use a bathroom.Still you will get noticed
And it’s not yoiur old white cotton underwear.You need bright satin and silk

Still when the undertaker lays you  out, they will know who you are because the media tracked you and put your photo on the front page
You’ll be famous but dead.What more can anyone desire?

Nobody wil chase you like they did Princess Diana.


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Part 2
Write a novel from the end backwards.Write a poem upside down

So begin a crime novel  with the criminal being executed
That will show it’s not in the UK although when we leave the EU some reputations may be  killed off
Then have the Trial but starting from the Sentence and ending with the  police arresting a man,
Then we see him murder his wife

Then their Wedding

Then  his parents

Then his birth

Then his conception

Then their wedding and so on.An infinite   novel that never ends.

Then we have  Sabbath and after that God creating the Universe

Then Chaos   and  more.Sounds quite apposite



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How to dress originally for Xmas


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Take your cardigan, cut the sleeves off and wear them on your lower legs unless you are thin.In that case wear them on your head
Wear  the cardigan as a waistcoat over a woollen man’s vest
Wear a skirt of a differnt colour to  show off your leg warmers

Wear 2 lots of underwear  but if fat like me,wear  less.
Remember dark plum and burgundy are very sad colours.Why not wear pale  pink?
If yoiu get a down coat you can use it as an eiderdown too.
Make a few holes on your coat with a knife.It’s the new slashed jeans effect unless you are homeless.
Get chest pain and go to A and E.They will keep you in till Monday unless you die.Hospitals are very hot I find.They provide open back nighties free in case they need to see you naked

Wear a hat or a wig Become a Jew like Jesus was.

Scrub the  floor if you are cold.Ditto the ceiling.

Buy a doll.It’s never to late to play mummies and daddies.If you have a a partner




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Like ducks that dive into the watery depths

The sun is far away  and we feel low~
Like ducks that dive into the watery depths
Freezing rain has not the feel of snow

No more do ilving waters seem to flow
And when we kiss there’s frost upon  our lips
If sun is far away , what’s our bed for?

Despair can get us in its undertow
And from our happy time we’re  may be ripped
Freezing rain has not the charm of snow

Best to  feed wild birds and  live snail- slow
Sorrow is the parent of joy’s crypts
The sun is far away , oh deep, oh low~

But yet beneath  the soil new life will grow
As the parents quarrel  souls still wait
Freezing rain has not the charm of snow

Unthought babies wait for signals glow
Swiftly to the womb the souls migrate
The sun is far away and we are low

Like a tide with hidden under rips
The sea oflife will take us where  love’s  trapped
The sun is far away ,but why feel low~?
Freezing rain  will cease and  life will flow


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Golden clouds of fire

Alone in  my small room ,end-state despair
I wondered what to do ,go here or where?
I tried the doctor and the priest  and then
Knew there was no answer from   a man

I saw in my mind’s eye a  tunnel black
To which I was dead heading on my track
Abject and broken by a lover’s death
By his own hand, he tested out God’s wrath

 I was  held by  golden  clouds of fire
I felt the  kindest love , the Lord’s desire
The tears ran down my cheeks in one great gush,
Acknowledging acceptance without wrath

And so I  turned  to life and to my work
Pain and torment shall not make me shirk
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I am not idle

I am not idle though I do no thing
For reverie takes place when we relax
I learn from these wild blackbirds how   to sing

I   am savouring all my past doings
Wandering through wild woods on hidden tracks
I am not idle though I make no thing

Do butterflies feel sad they no wage bring
As Oxford students revel in the Backs?
I learn from gay wild blackbirds how   to sing

I hear the  bells of  heaven softly ring
As  the mother gives her baby suck
I am not poor though I  possess no thing

At  Christ’s Mass we see the food he brings
His torn body bleeding  left its track
I weep with  dear wild blackbirds  as they sing

In the world he made there is a crack
We cannot mend it nor put evil back
I am not idle though I do no thing
I learn from  contemplation how  life stings


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Cubist Collage

001By Katherine

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With diligence, I indolently rest

With diligence I indolently rest
Keen to hear  the songs within my  heart
Idle  is my mind to clever tests
I watch bright fish as round  the sea they dart.

Living to my own time all serene
Not rushing to help others  who demand
Attentive to the deep and  its dark  beat
The music of the soul,  I understand

Lying is a daydream , reverie
Relaxed,I watch  for what may   come my way
What to choose, what sentences  shall be
Oh, fleeting images  which one   to  take?

Slow and patient like the worms  and snails
We learn  to see and so with words beguile

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