When the rhyme comes.

When the  rhymes comes, you will know if  we are right
As the subtle sun and murdered moon re-light
Agents of the devil eat the stars
Use them indeed to light cigars
The fish will shell your peas and even write
That they will help you make love in the night
You know you have a mental appetite
Avoid birds as they always see too far
When the rhyme comes.
When the mountains fall down into the great lakes
Leonard Cohen objects  that life is fake
As he drinks his fortieth brandy in the bar
He wonders what the President will dare
Will he take  the world down by a like?
When the rhyme comes.

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Bless the continuous stutter of the Word being made into flesh

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Flying away, I’ll never come home.

Dark in the morning,the windows are grey.
Dark in my heart,where nothing can stay.
Dark in the evening, dark in the night.
Only  the cat’s eyes to give me some light.


Knocked off the glove box down in  the hall
Knocked over the bin,found nothing at all.
Knocked down  your photograph, stood on the glass.
Like me, he’s  just reached the last impasse.


Waiting for what,nas we sit here alone?
Waiting for nobody,heart like a stone.
Waiting  on God sounds rather strange.
Let’s say that grace can’t be pre-arranged.


Dark again,dark, where you fell into earth.
Darker and darker,  a saturnine curse
Darkness  around me, darkness inside.
Washed  it all up on the evening tide.



Goodbye our future, fiction in fact.
Goodbye,did you say it with your special tact?
Goodbye,you never said it, you never addressed
The one who  was with you,but never caressed.


Is it impossible to run it again?
Is it a fancy that  can but remain?
Life’s just a film and we are the stars…
But when the reel stops,we fall so far.


Flying away, I saw the hand stuck,
Turning the reel to make this world work.
Flying away, I’ll never come home.
Turning and turning forever alone.

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Saturnine from Merriam Webster

It’s the mediaDC050117-1000

Definition of saturnine

  1. 1:  born under or influenced astrologically by the planet Saturn

  2. 2a :  cold and steady in mood :  slow to act or changeb :  of a gloomy or surly dispositionc :  having a sardonic aspect a saturnine smile

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Like archaic floods

When we’re hit, infected by  disease
Especially of the systems, like the blood.
The mind can drop, depressed and ill at ease

We over- ruminate, on subtle causes  grieve.
A pity that our brain is not  just wood
With  fortune then mistaken by  disease

If  drugs which kill bacteria,minds relieve
We understand why thinking was no good
The body was depressed and lacked true ease

Gentle music, touch and calm  relieve
The nervous system , make our hearts feel good
When the mind’s depressed by our disease

So if your friend has moods which may  displease
Remember they are made of flesh and blood
The brain can be pulled down and even freeze.,

Fever makes the barriers sink to  mud
Unconscious feelings  roll out like archaic floods
When you are affected by  disease
Ban all thinking, wait  for time’s release.


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When we feel we’re falling piece by piece

When we are made so lonely  by our grief
When we lose the loved one of our years
Remember life is sacred and too brief

Some may gain their comfort from a priest
Other by the emptying of their tears
Can we be  too careless in our grief?

Blown away like one dried autumn leaf
Disconnected with our hearts so seared
Remember life is sacred and too brief

Death is more forgiving to the least
We may share the anguish and the fear
When we are made  too lonely  by our grief

When we feel we’re falling piece by piece
We wonder how to dignify by prayer
Remembering life is sacred and too brief

Just as the sun will rise up in the East
Despite it  dying daily everywhere
We are all  made   lonely  by our grief

Life is hard and often it’s unfair
We may feel so much we cannot bear
When we are made   lonely  by our grief
We remember life is sacred and too brief

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