Alfred did not die

12299302_642095315930350_3587466114965928393_nMy hands  are hurting when I write but it  usually goes in 2 or 3 weeks.So let’s hope this will be the case.
Many hands make light work but mine are the exception,They turn out the lights
My mother’s hands were very lined blackened by coal and dirt that would not come off.Her hands were big and square.I loved them,Her nails were flat.Her little toe was flat.She used  to say an elephant trod on it.Then,curiousity killed the cat.But Alfred didn’t die.He was given to someone else

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Evening song

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Eats the little flower


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Curtsey may harm May

DgRsdJ5X4AA2eVQFrom the Independent

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Bear or bare?

child baby newborn arms

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I don’t know how you can bare it.
In childbirth there’s not much choice
Well.I didn’t know how women got pregnant
Well. you  ken the noo  [know now]
I’ll never do it again
What, we  are just having our first child
” And the first shall be last”


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How do you bear this pain?
I have no choice.
Pull yourself together
I say, that’s  a platitude
Stop showing off, just because you went to Cambridge
I only went on a day trip
So why have you got an  M A?
It was what we call self awarded

zoo bear

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What is  the bear doing?
Looks hungry to me.
Shall we run  or pretend to be dead?
I’ll run and you pretend to be dead and then we can get  proof one way or the other
If it’s a fast eater we won’t be here to  tell!
Are you Father Bear?
How can you tell?
You look so kind.Just go and get that lady who’s running away
I  never run after women
How about men?
That’s all that’s left
Actually I am gender free.
Are you kosher?
No and I’m full of gluten
I’m not Jewish, you know
No,God  doesn’t expect animals to listen to Moses.
Still, I am hungry
Just grin and bear it.
Wow,a pun!

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And people looked like watercolour flies

The morning sun still low in winter sky
Made brilliant light with darker shadows thrown.
And people looked like watercolour flies
As , nonchalant ,through the shopping mall they roamed.
Here we see in colours black and white.
We do not see the usual shades and hues.
And so inside our mind, a too great light
May prejudice our judgement and our views.
We learn to understand by metaphors.
As did our loving ancestors before.
As cats lie by the fire with softened paws
We were sheep not wolves with slavering jaws
What we see depends upon the light.
So we shall give less credence to our sight

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The buttercups are burning in the fields

The buttercups are burning in the fields
The sun is hanging low as if to see
The Ash fall to the earth, the level sealed


The grass turns brown ,the barley ripe will kneel.
The hares are  leaping,wait, I watch them  flee.
The buttercups are burning in the fields


The Honeysuckle  curves like a red  wheel
Hanging  flowers still humming with brown bees
The ashes to the earth   dark riches yield


This fiery  land will flaunt its bright appeal
As from the  trees hang ghosts  of still born leaves
The buttercups are burning in the fields


The spiders wait, the rabbits ,raunchy,  reel.
What is this Earth  our eyes, all new, perceive
Where ashes to the earth   dark riches yield?


Who are we such dark gold to receive
When humans  trick each other and deceive?
The buttercups are burning in the fields
Their ashes  shall redeem as  richness yields

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noun: platitude; plural noun: platitudes
  1. a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.
    “she began uttering liberal platitudes”
    synonyms: clichétruismcommonplace, hackneyed/trite/banal/overworked saying, banality, old chestnut; More

early 19th century: from French, from plat ‘flat’.”
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Only the desperate would want to go to the USA now

But virulent hatred for immigrants isn’t just a matter of rural rubes. Trump himself is, of course, a wealthy New Yorker, and a lot of the funding for anti-immigrant groups comes from foundations controlled by right-wing billionaires. Why do wealthy, successful people end up hating immigrants? I sometimes find myself thinking about the TV commentator Lou Dobbs, whom I used to know and like in the early 2000s, but who has become a rabid anti-immigrationist (and Trump confidant), and who is currently warning against a pro-immigrant plot by “the Illuminati of K Street.”

I don’t know what drives such people — but we’ve seen this movie before, in the history of anti-Semitism.

The thing about anti-Semitism is that it was never about anything Jews actually did. It was always about lurid myths, often based on deliberate fabrications, that were systematically spread to engender hatred.

For example, for centuries people repeated the “blood libel” — the claim that Jews sacrificed Christian babies as part of the Passover ritual.

In the early part of the 20th century there was wide dissemination of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” a supposed plan for Jewish world domination that was probably forged by the Russian secret police. (History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as more tragedy.)

The fake document received wide dissemination in the United States thanks to none other than Henry Ford, a virulent anti-Semite who oversaw the publication and distribution of a half-million copies of an English translation, “The International Jew.” Ford later apologized for publishing a forgery, but the damage was done.

That is a short extract from the article

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The Fall of Britain

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