• He’s very political, you know.
    I didn’t know that.
    Well,I didn’t mean YOU knew.
    So why did you say “you know”
    Oh,well!You know!
    You’re not very articulate,are you?
    What do you mean?
    Well,you keep saying “you know” and “innit”
    Look here,just because you went to Cambridge!
    Well.we only went for a day trip!
    Really?I thought you studied there!
    I studied crime.Learned a few tricks.
    Just in one day?
    I’m a fast learner.
    I got an OU degree in E.I.
    What’s that?
    They never said!but my quotient was 55.
    Didn’t you ask?What does it mean?
    Well it’s all done on-line.It’s remote learning.Very remote for E.I.!
    You sound more articulate now.
    Since I know you never studied anything at Cambridge my self esteem has soared.
    Well,I did read some posters at the Station!
    The Railway Station?
    Yeah,they used to have lovely posters.I stole a few.Would you like to come back to my place
    and see them?
    Well,seeing as you’re so insistent……why not?
    That’s great.Shall we get some cans?
    No,we’ll get canned!

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    Tomatoes ripen on the stem
    Apples hang down low.
    Summer riches now and then
    From seeds that once I sowed.
    Plant your seeds with care and grace.
    Nurture them with love,
    Put them in where you have space,
    As rain falls from above.
    Slowly, and in their own time,
    They will manifest
    The form with which they were endowed.
    Richness comes at last.
    Time for sowing,time for birth
    Time for love of life.
    Time to scatter seeds abroad.
    Time to end the strife


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