Is this truly love in a Le Creuset pot?

I loved her for her dark blue eyes,
And her Le Creuset pot.
I loved her though she was naive,
As she was very hot.

I loved her curly golden hair.
I loved her home made jam.
But most of all,I loved her brain
And how she dealt with spam.

I loved to lick her bright pink lips
I loved to bite her ear.
But most of all,her innocence,
Which made me pull her near.

I liked to lick her face as well
I liked to touch her hair.
But it proved far too difficult
For she was rarely here.

I looked at all her photographs,
I looked at all her posts.
She has twenty boyfriends now,
Whom does she love the most?

I loved her breakfast coffee pot,
I loved her tea as well.
She fed me on her buttered toast,
The rest I shall not tell.

I was happy,I was sad.
Whatever should I do?
She has run off with a tramp
They met outside the Zoo.

She sent me a love letter once,
And now she sends a card
I wish that she’d leave me alone
Jealousy’s so hard.

My heart has got   so painful now,
I’m sitting in the bath.
The water is as black as coal,
And still I’m filled with wrath,


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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