Intimations of spring

Frosty air still strikes so cold.
Winter’s yet in fullest mode.
Yet a single white snowdrop
Brings reminders of spring’s crop.
Will quite soon our gardens fill
Celandine and bluebells too
Will decorate our woodland views.
The names are like a magic spell
Which will all winter’s griefs dispel.
Let us be still,in patience now
Till buds outdo the winter snow.
Pale sun is higher in the sky
Nordic birds have sheltered here.
When spring arrives they’ll fly away
They must a deeper law obey.
Would human life be easier now
If we had nature’s guidance too?
Birds and flowers do not think
But live a life from pure instinct.
Would that we had such a guide
Leading us deeply inside.
In springtime woods I’ll roam with you
There to seek for guidance true.
Love is the light for you and me,
Which shows us what we need to see.
When we perceive in harmony
Love then will have its ceremony.
Flowers and grief both fade away,
As dreams do as we start the day.
The fruits of each will show in time,
And thus I quit my gentle rhyme

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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