From early October writing…love and humor

  • There were three of us on this motorbike,
    Father Dan with me,
    And he had Jesus in his bag.
    So that makes the total three.

    Transubstantiation is a special thing,
    I looked down at that bag.
    Is Jesus really inside there, I thought?
    Should it have a tag?

    It’s a secret I have never told
    But Father Dan gave it me to hold.
    So I had Jesus in my lap,
    No wonder there’s an awful gap.

    We zoomed off up an unmade road
    As fast as Dan could go.
    I felt bewildered and bemused,
    I loved my Daddy so.

    Father Dan took back his bag,
    And went inside our house.
    I got my marbles out to roll,
    And I ate a chocolate mouse.

    So Three of had taken a ride
    And after that mi Dad had died.
    I saw Father Dan saying Sunday Mass
    With holy Jesus,so I cried.

  • I went to the doctor, he said I’d pre-flu,
    I said “my dear doctor what shall I do?”
    Next time I went, he said “It’s pre- shock.”
    And then I had pre measles,pre mumps and pre-pox

    I ran to the doctor,he said ” You’re pre-well”
    I said “Are you sure it’s not just a pre-quel?”
    Next time I turned up,he’d gone out for a walk
    It’s hard for a doctor who wants to pre-talk.

    I went to the optician, who said I’m pre-blind
    I thanked him for being so intensely unkind.
    I went back to the doctor,and these words I said
    “I’m pre -blind, pre-deaf,pre-ill and pre-dead

  • Found guilty of committing a crime
    Now I am serving my time;
    To this jail, I lately was sent
    For loitering without intent.

    I was standing inside a large Mall,
    Though I had bought nothing at all.
    The judge says it’s bad for the pound
    We should all make an effort to spend.

    So the tax payer is spending on me,
    Is that good for the economy?
    Now I am lingering in here,
    Imbibing the prison atmosphere.

    Strangeways makes an excellent setting
    For the new novel I’ve been plotting.
    You can live quite freely in prison,
    If you possess John Bunyan’s true vision.

    When I have finished this term
    I will not have this lesson to learn
    “If you really want to do naught………………
    Don’t do it where you might get caught”


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