Mid July musings

    • The clouds roll like giant Catherine wheels.
      The sun is shining on my heels.
      I am lying down upon the soil,
      I slipped upon a patch of oil.

      I look down into grains of earth,
      And suffer from a fit of mirth.
      How did I fall down today?
      Will my gooseberries ever pay?

      Though the bush nasty spikes.
      They are one fruit I truly like.
      I love them baked into a tart..
      And I make them for my own sweetheart

      Why is there talk of babes born here,
      When thorns would fill most folk with fear?
      Oh not,this verse is not a poem…
      So I’m off,I must be going!

      Blaise Pascal

      In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.
      Blaise Pascal

    • He said,I just wanted to break the ice.

      What ice,I said,it’s only September.

      So he said,why do you take everything so literally?

      I said,why you’ve only known me 3 minutes and you are complaining already!

      And by the way it’s unscientific to generalize from one example.

      He said,forget science,I love you!

      So I said,don’t be so ridiculous.You’re young enough to be my husband.

      He said,Hello darling,I know you have trouble finishing your thesis but I am your husband.

      So what happened then?

      He’s buying me some new glasses.

      Will it help?

      No,it’s not my eyes it’s my mind.

      What’s wrong with your mind?

      It has a life of it’s own.

      That’s what women want!

      A room of one’s own,

      A life of one’s own.

      A mind of one’s own.

      A towel of one’s own.

      A hat of one’s own

      An emptiness of one’s own,

      That is hard….

      A problem is just what I need,

      To take my mind off being alive.


      Wisdom or foolishness,it’s all one to me,

      Sweep you fringes today….buy a broom stick here…I’m which?

      Keep the hinges boiling

      Keep your gins up or the tonic will all get drunk..and then what will we do?

      Is your quiz done? Or rephrasing myself,Have you any wisdom?

      Reap your hair in August.. unless you hear a whirl wind

      Keep your toast well buttoned

      Weep louder now or cry with me tomorrow.

      We are keeping up with our bones..or they may not keep us up

      He keeps his nose close to her breasts….makes walking tough,but,hey
      you win some,…..

      My eye keeps on pricking..it’s that damned needle for the partially sighted again….I wondered where I’d left it…..not my best idea

      Why kick a duck when you can swim with it?

      I shall stick him to the door candle for a few minutes to warm him

      I picked a whole flock up.I was real down on my luck with these lice.

      Pick me again.Lick me again.I’m coming,ready or not.

      Do you always lick the bucket or just on Sundays?

      They caught me on High

      This coyness lady is no mime

      Do you utter ever?

      Silence is full

      Good sight,sweet wince….you may soon be thrown in stone.

      You keep going your way and don’t look back…or I’ll turn you into

      a pillar which halts.

      Speak now or forever watch the police.

      I used to have boyfriend…now I have a snail in a pail.

      Do you hurry too much? Try to bow down to Life.

      He’s got the whole world in his Band!

      My doctor said,you have a pernicious Redeemer.
      I said,that’s very rude.
      He said, but I must tell you,you need more redder blood.
      But why is Jesus pernicious..?
      So he says,Are you going mad as well?
      So I answered him,You’re mad already, aren’t you?
      I will be mad if you won’t let me reject you, quoth he.
      So I said,why are you like all the others?
      Who else is infecting you,he cried angrily.
      I don’t know.doctor,they are invisible to the naked eye
      Are you hallucinating? he puzzled
      Not yet but i am doing my damndest.Can you see any ghosts
      That’s evil,he responded.
      What,like the Bankers and the Wealthy?I asked politely
      Anyway he said, forget politics can I inject now?
      Oh,dear,are you an addict,doctor.you’ve kept that hidden?
      What on earth do you scheme,Mrs Tan?
      Is it cocaine you’re on doctor?
      No,it’s just vitamin B12.That will redeem you.
      I said,I don’t think Jesus will like that.
      He cried out.
      What the bloody hell has He got to do with it?
      So I sang
      “He’s got the whole world in his band.”
      Then he rang for the ambulance and had me sectioned.
      Still,it passed the time…it was an outing.
      They just let me out.
      I’m not crazy enough to get free treatment on the NHS..
      but I feel awfully tired and my blood is not red…
      it’ pale pink….if only it were watercoloured
      I wouldn’t have to worry about menstruation
      and blood stains on my lace underwear,
      The unmentionables

      Don’t you think it should be called womenstruation?

      Why do men call everything after them?
      History is now Herstory….
      But that’s not fair on men,is it?

    • I wink to thee,my country

      Wink to me only with thine eyes
      and I will wink with mine.
      But I recall I cannot wink,
      Though your winks are sublime.

      Oh,who will teach me this fine skill
      I feel I have some part missing.
      If noone teaches me to wink,
      I’ll just have to keep on kissing

      Ted and Sylvia

      Was a night of sexual frolics,with someone you

      didn’t even love,in a place with no telephone,

      Was it worth thirty plus years of harrowing

      Grief and guilt.Did you need the excitement?

      Writing,too demanding.Real love was certainly

      A demand but one you’d think would be

      A useful mine for poetry.Sylvia’s love

      Too much?And what you thought would be

      A few seemingly trivial acts,could have

      such consequences.

      But isn’t that always so ?

      I don’t think Pontius Pilate knew

      His name would go down in history

      As the Judge of God,

      As he washed his hands like an obsessive,thinking

      A ritual would heal him of his guilt.

      Would we have been any better?

      I’d say,No

      Stan’s calculating again

      Stan and Annie were clearing a big desk to make space to study government statistics.Despite this Annie was dressed as brightly as a peacock in turquoise cotton trousers and a teal blue viscose
      and polyester [with 5 percent elastane] V necked striped top

      She chose the V neck was because she thought it made her look slimmer, but if that were so it was contradicted,paradoxically, by the clinging induced by the elastane in the fabric.

      “What a problem dressing is nowadays,” she screamed eerily.

      Her bedtime reading was
      “Contradiction, Paradox,Woman and Society”
      by the unknown,unseen,invisible yet highly productive world famous author Dr K. R. Brazenhwaite.O.B.E.

      Paradox and contradiction are the route understanding” was the last sentence she had read before she fell asleep last night.

      Then she had dreamed she saw a mouse eating a lion.
      No wonder she had indigestion today

      “Shall I make the coffee” she said to Stan.

      “No,dear.I’ll do it if you can get the graph paper sorted.”

      Stan stood up and walked across the room with a dazed expression.

      “I hope he’s not been trying self hypnosis again” she thought quixotically.He returned with two large mugs of steaming hot coffee.

      “Would you like a meringue” he enquired.

      “I’d love one.”

      “So would I,” he answered glumly.”But we have no cake at all.”

      “I blame Maggie Thatcher.”

      “Why her?”

      “Well, she caused the cake shops to compete;then they all shut down”

      “Why upset yourself.”

      Stan began to sob and moan in agony.

      So Annie rang 999.

      “Can you send a paramedic.My friend needs a

      meringue.” she said in a friendly tone.

      “What do you think the N.H.S. is ,a cake shop?” the receptionist replied assertively in ringing tones.

      “Well perhaps it should be.We older folk need cakes!”Annie sobbed.{Or older folk knead the cakes ?]

      “How old are you,” the woman said.

      “Why is there some cut off point?” Annie retorted…

      “Yes,we only supply meringues to centenarians!”

      she was told.

      “Well really,whatever next,” Annie cried in shock.

      “I suppose they have to economise now and can no longer

      supply cakes and ale to pensioners like they always

      used to do.” she muttered sardonically

      But we could send you some toasted mouse sandwiches,” she was told.”Don’t bother,” she cried ferociously.

      The heat and talk had made her makeup run and small rivers of turqouise,black and blue were crossing her face giving it the appearance of a large bruise.
      She wished she had followed the advice her mother had given to her

      “When in doubt,leave it out.”
      Or,was it “when in doubt,say nowt.”

      or even “when glum ,keep mum.”

      “I would have kept Mum,”she thought resentfully, “but the law won’t let you once they die”.

      “Why do we have so little freedom here in England?” she asked Stan querulously.

      “I can’t tell you” he croaked mysteriously

      “Why not? It’s forbidden by the Official Secrets Act.”

      “After we finish the statistics on unemployment and mental health we could look into Official Secrets,” he promised her mellifluously.

      “Stan, you are so good.” she shouted gratefully.

      Will you wash my new jeans?” he asked.

      “Why can’t you do it?” she fretfully quizzed him

      “I don’t want Mary to see them.”

      “Gosh it’s 5pm .She’ll be back soon.”

      “We’ve not got far today.”

      I expect we can make up for it tomorrow.”

      Not wanting to contradict him she remained silent whilst he studied her face like an a psychologist trying and failing to see meaning in an ink blot.

      Then the doorbell rang.It was Dave,the paramedic with a tray of mouse sandwiches.What a nasty surprise.

      And now they really must get the social and economic statistics ready for the class Stan is giving later in the week at the Socialist Pensioners Club in the town centre,meringues or no meringues.

      After all,someone did once say of the common people:

      Let them eat cake.

      And look where that got them.

      Did anyone say,Revolution?

    • Even at the drop of a gnat,God is watching.

      We were at that obsolescent hour when life seems past and present


      Towards the end of my mope,I begin to feel hope.

      She’s omniperious today

      At the rends in our day,I feel we should pray

      Catch the end of the checking border and whip yourself boldly.

      Handcuffed to a man, there is no limit to whom I could deceive.

      She has such gall and sob it, may the rest man win.

      We had the last minuet then wished for compliments

      What’s with your End..is it also your Beginning?

      What a ploy!

      What a pearl.

      I’m getting harried in the morning

      I have all these facts to grind before I go to the dogs.

      May the least man win.

      Jesus wants me for a sun scheme.

      Lord,what hopelessness;Lord not today?

      Tell me when I’m in a God mood.

      What’s the real ideal?

      I’ll be your sweetmeat,if you repine.

      Ah, my Med cruise..I nearly died of whoredom

      All in a guy’s smirk…just observe him

      All in due rhyme

      All over my lips today,those salty kisses from May.

      They all wailed in companionship

      All maths yet no fractions.. what decimal is this I see before me?

      All that twitters is not told

      Anyone for a quiz or a puzzle?

      All the love bites and kisses

      All bums inspected today .. please wipe.

      All work and no say, makes Jack a Union man

      All’s wear in love from afar

      All’s well that sends emails and tells

      All get off near the beer and drink it up.

      Already got one seesaw in the circus.

      Altitude is determined by the Beatitudes.

      I’m feeling like a pint of whiskey.

      Shall we have a pee now? Sorry, tea now ?

      On Witches hill I caught a bass…did you know fish can walk?

      If only bricks could talk

    • You gnawed at my jeans… I can’t keep buying new ones.. get a bone!

      You fell into my art like a bee into a flowerstack.
      You let my heart backfire… and now I feel a little dire

      You wore out my heart so now I have a pig’s heart instead…no wonder

      I’m so fat!

      Your creative heart is so juicy…let me sip your nectar.

      You’re trying art..and it’s trying me..shall we try something different

      like sleeping?


      As you walk away through lush leaved trees,

      I see you come and go like a sine curve wrapped

      around the axes

      of tall trunks

      and flat earth.

      I want to call,”Come back”

      but my mouth won’t open.

      My lips are dry without you.

      I’m flooded with loss already,

      though I can still glimpse you now and then.

      Sun,so high and golden,

      yet I am like a moon,

      my desolate heart its inscape,

      my hands its freezing soil;

      I stare as evening comes

      into the dark night sky.

      Lines occurred while creating in the bath

      Bands of rhyme will be crossing the UK tomorrow.. streams of poetry will bring rain in the eyes.

      Season’s Tweetings to Sinners

      Shadow of the whole silence is folding over like an envelope.Post it now

      The spice of wife..pepper.

      ~Hop around the roses

      It’s best to saunter nowadays.

      When inside out, a cat can still scratch.. with its reversible catclaws.Try one tonight.Just unzip the cat and it will spring into the heir…to the throne or is it the air all round>

      Until the end of all rhymes I’ll be loving you

      Time feels all wounds…and holes

      Maps of the iceberg have melted..

      Two hearts that beat as none ever did.

      I wait for the lime to be ripe then it will be a lemon.

      If you have a man,wash him weekly in a tin bath…don’t blame me if you get drawn in…..mate in the bath … saves washing the sheets.

    • Shadow of nails on the Cross.

      Wars like diamonds..expensive,useless,hard,yet we must have more and more.

      The human is descended from the most aggressive apes as they would mate more often..we will always have wars until the end of the world…which may be getting nearer.

      War,I can quip no more.

      Take my hand and help me cross the big Quiver I feel coming up…

      I’m all worn out like an old rag…throw me into your washing machine,Lord and use some strong soap on me..I need a change.

      Don’t let it out Anger…From third age.com

      LET IT OUT: “Depression is anger turned inwards” is a common expression, but research shows actively expressing anger only fuels it. It’s a good idea to identify the cause of your anger or resentment, but then instead of going on a rant, figure out constructive ways to overcome the issues at the heart of your discontent.

      “The faculty to think objectively is reason; the emotional attitude behind reason is that of humility. To be objective, to use one’s reason, is possible only if one has achieved an attitude of humility, if one has emerged from the dreams of omniscience and omnipotence which one has as a child. Love, being dependent on the relative absence of narcissism, requires the development of humility, objectivity and reason.

      I must try to see the difference between my picture of a person and his behavior, as it is narcissistically distorted, and the person’s reality as it exists regardless of my interests, needs and fears.”

    • My thoughts unravelled and lay unpleated on the floor of the Emergency Room…

      and they just talked all over me.

      Time and tide…can I describe?

      The broad band of crime is passing over East London as burglars and looters assess their Olympic Strategy alongside the muggers.

      “Reason’s Seethings” by Rafe Pascal

      You’re just the shadow of my ghoul…you don’t whiten me at all.

      Silence is withholding.. you’re hiding behind that glass wall you split yourself up with.

      The Christ of life….born again and again..and dies the same way.. every day

      Wars like bygones….come round at least annually like Xmas.

      Stop and yell for Moses’ tablets.The doctor forgot them and no-one can spot them.

      God is the only thing..

      Waste the waters…we’ve already wrecked the earth..why wait?

      Born from out my mother’s eyes….I never saw her gaze my way again.

      I will bend time for you if I can summon up the Gravity,

      Rhyme after rhyme….an endless circle.. a spiral…it’s viral…am I on trial?

      Rhyme again and again..I have this Zen like man.

      They interpreted my dreams yet I still have the screams… Symbols are Us

      Try freely associating and soon you’ll be creating…it’s the metaphors of old England that we try now and then

      It’s the repressed grief of olde Englande that makes most men go mad.

      Rhymes feel quite soothing if they’re of your own choosing.

      What’s that doc you’re perusing….is it about loss ans losing?

    • Flowers by virtue of design
      Appeal both to the heart and mind.
      First perceive and second dwell on
      Beauty,truth and hence reason.

    • My spare heart is in another land looking for a startling interest rate…or any interest at all…

      My opera has songs for you if you join the school of musical tricks and cosmetic funbums.

      Sorry I can’t take your call.My tart reached melting point..I put it under the grill and the house set on fire.Ring next year when the heat is off.

      My heart sings to you but you have gone deaf.

      My hat will fit you too..two minds under the same trilby

      My hair will always be blue;it’s so sad now it’s been cut short before it even spoke one sentence

      My heart will forever love the real.

      My heart whistled before a lyre..I am so ashamed..next it will be smoking in Church..will God mind?

      My heart lied once but never again.It lies twice now.

    • My comely white hart ran away into the High Road.. so they say.

    • My lonely soup bowl…it needs a mate.Two bowls together forever

    • I’m open late for heart to art talks

  • My solo is on the high wire and I’m screaming already.
    Pass the metre blockers please.

    My sole had a bone in it… Fish,they really annoy me.
    Why should they have bones..

    My soap is so hot,it washes me well..I’m as white as the sheets though my eyes are red as a rose.

    My mind took a bite out of his Tractatus and it’s not been seen since….so do we really need Philosophical Reflections….I’m getting so tired of Mirrors….Let’s ban them now

    What,more cliches?

    Every blog has its say
    Everything’s coming up disrobed
    Tainted heart never a true love knows
    They fall heart over feels for love and its deals
    They fall for some smacks and whips.
    Ban the blames .
    Gas is always fleeter than air.
    On the other tide the boat may come in.
    Clang in there
    Save a heart…be kind
    Heartful creature
    I can’t breathe for you
    I can’t love without jam
    I love you more than my new shoes
    In the crick of time he felt me
    Keep your Bin empty
    Kissing the nose,if it’s sufficiently large
    Looking into my whole I feel ok
    Cost of each other’s dreams is an enigma
    Love is all over my mind..and it’s leaking your way
    Smiles across the world unite humans.
    I touch you with my fingertips

  • Tea,tea, wonderful tea
    Nothing quite like it for making one pee.
    Tea,tea,say it again.
    Bring me more tea
    And bring me some men.

    Let me admire them as I sip my drink.
    I like the black ones and also the pink.
    I like the poets,but they don’t drink tea..
    They like espressos and that’s fine by me.

    I like Norwegians and I like Greeks.
    I like to perceive them,so please do not speak.
    I also like ladies,cats and striped bees,
    So I’ll open my eyes and I’ll see what eye sees.

  • Private

    Time is never “just right”

    by Kathswords Pro @ 2012-07-15 – 17:01:06

    Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.
    George Herbert
    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/g/george_herbert.html#jz1qOtcE2q2guyKO.99

    Wake up..there’s some metre about!

    The sun ascends the rosy summer sky
    My eyes,like slits. unwilling to discern
    That I must bid my visions fast goodbye.
    The mind loves most its thoughts and dreams unlearned.

    I stretch and breathe and suddenly rise up.
    I lift my glasses from the bedside shelf.
    Now where’s my tea pot and my special cup?
    Without ten mugs of tea,I’ll ruin my health!

    I take the china cup and gulp hot tea;
    And frown at books piled high up on my chair.
    Inside I feel so happy I can see-
    Contentment is,like the weather.set to fair.

    Oh,dear,it’s already ten upon the clock!
    And I can’t trace a partner for my sock!

    Stan’s here again

    While Stan went out for a walk with Emile,the most superior, intelligent and handsome male cat in Knittingham,Mary his cute,hot, yet brilliant mathematician-wife decided to sort through her many clothes,She  went upstairs with a small step-ladder.This was needed to help her to look into the horrors of the top shelf   which was full of rubbish.
    Mary took everything out of the top shelf and put it all onto the bed.Five hair dryers,six blood pressure  monitors, seven thermometers, and a box of Carmen electric hair curlers under which was a box of Tena  pads.How odd,”she thought,”when I have such beautiful curly hair.And do I suffer from incontinence?I can’t recall it” But though her hair was curly,it was not curly in the right sort of way.That is it did not look chic and elegant.It looked wild and woolly,No doubt she had bought these curlers to tame it but had never used them.Wild her air had remained.And luckily continent she remained so far except when she caught whooping
    cough..Which continent she does not admit,though it may be in the Pacific.
    Suddenly she heard the front door opening.Afraid that Stan would tease her about all the hair dryers,she threwthem into a cardboard box.She heard foot steps on the stairs.She crouched behind the bed,

  •           Stan,my wicked angel,are you ready for me?” It was Annie their man-mad next door neighbour.Annie walked into the room wearing a low cut sapphire blue dress which clashed with her emerald green eyes and her ruby red lips.And amazingly with her black nail varnish.
    She tottered gamely in on her 6inch serpent skin stilettos. peering shortsightedly at the bed.
    “Why have you got all these blood pressure monitors out ,Stan?” she cried,”We can’t get into bed with these!Is it a new fetish?”
    “No,it’s not” muttered Mary nastily,”You most definitely cannot go to bed with the monitor,though a digital thermometer might be handy.”
    “Oh,Mary,are you here?”
    “No,I’m the ghost of Thumbnails Sketch Lane,” she whispered coquettishly,her blue eyes dancing with fun.
    “Well,Stan invited me round for a massage!”
    “A Reiki massage?”
    “Crikey,I don’t know.Just a friendly one.”
    “Well,could you not carry on some where else?”
    “Yes,but it wouldn’t be so thrilling,I’s find it less exciting if there was no risk.”
    “How boring is that!”,Mary exclaimed shyly licking her bright pink curving lips.
    “Well there’s no risk now because I’ve found you out.!”
    “I know,” Annie responded,”why don’t we go to bed?That would be a risk!”
    “Oh,no.I’d rather clear out the wardrobe!”
    Annie was not used to being rejected,”Shall I help you?”
    “Yes,move house!” Mary teased.”Maybe we would get some better neighbours.I am pretty sure you murdered your husband and sent his body to be recycled in our new wheelie bin,”
    “Well,it seemed a good idea at the time,” Annie replied defiantly.
    “You’re too impulsive,Annie,but you do have your good side.”Can you ring 999 as I think I am going to fall off this step-ladder.I knew we should have adopted it formally.”
    “My dear,I’ll ring 999 immediately.
    When Stan and Emile got home they found Dave the paramedic making tea in their pink and teal newly fitted kitchen. I am just making a good cup of tea,he informed them.Yes,we English….who are a mixed race of all sorts of people… we all like a nice hot cup of tea.

    Carolina..James Taylor

  • Watching Plato shining torches into blackness,
    Wandering through the galleries,
    Sepia paintings of pines,
    Pain came to the emptiness once my heart,
    I sat picturing screaming Popes and babies.
    Eastward, looking for fresh instruction,
    My mind unpleated,like a pair of curtains
    Hung out to dry in equinoxal gales.
    The bells of Satan’s cell phone
    Rang again,startling in this silence.
    “You had your smear done yet?”
    “It’s me,honey”
    “I’m having coffee here in “Costa’s.”
    Then I awoke,a man appeared.
    How apposite,I need you,Ludwig!
    I can’t write logically..

    In the Science Museum,the mirror cracked
    And from it stars flew out,
    Adorning cars and bicycles and buses.
    The building gently sank into its own reflection.
    People flew out like gasping rockets..
    Illuminating the blankness,
    Calling “Is today the day?”
    For what?
    Is it Judgment Day at last.
    Your bonus is nothing to God.

  • You are the soul of indiscretion
    A cheery spurt
    Adsense makes the money grow.
    Fractions speak louder than words.. and frighten the maths phobic.
    After my own heart I love your heart
    All’s bare in love affairs
    You are the dimple of my eye,you are the apple of my ear.. so have no fear.
    As far as the shy can see…looks good to me.
    So good and golden …I haven’t told ’em

    I’m facing up to it…this is not a ghost.As time’s asses buy it
    Baited breath catches the fish
    Baptism by liars
    Beauty is in the eye of the my lover
    Beauty is only skin deep but hence I’m all over you,sweetheart.
    She was so glib ….I called her off..


    Sulking is a form of anger I think…and it’s more common in women or anyone in a position of weakness.It’s something I felt as a child now and then and I remember it can be hard to break out of it.
    Just today I was reading an article by Dorothy Rowe in an old Saga magazine.Her mother was a champion sulker…her longest being


    Can you imagine?I know a friend whose mother sulked for three days when the child refused to eat cabbage.
    Any way I have thought about it and decided it’s better to put your anger into words or just let go of it…if you sulk it’s very hard for your close family or friends.
    In fact,if you sulk I doubt if you’ll keep your friends for long!!
    Maybe we don’t realise we are no longer helpless children who had no alternative… we can speak…. or decide to stop dwelling on the issues and move on.

  • The morning sun attracts meFrom the avenues of sleepFrom my tiny clock I seeIt’s almost half past eight.

    But you keep rolling my way

    And I’ll keep rolling yours,

    And we won’t allow for any detours.

    I drink my tea and coffee

    From a very special cup

    you gave it to me long ago

    And from it I shall sip.

    You keep rolling my way

    And I’ll keep rolling yours,

    And we won’t allow for any detours.

    We were once so innocent

    And now we are so wise.

    I see the sun reflecting

    in the mirror of your eyes

    You keep rolling my way

    And I’ll keep rolling yours,

    And we won’t allow for any detours

    Our lives are growing longer

    And our eyes are growing weak.

    And please forgive me now

    I have to take a leak.

    You keep rolling my way

    And I’ll keep rolling yours,

    And we won’t allow for any detours


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