Early July 2012

  • Wrapped loosely in that old unlined coat,

    I walked past the lake and the tree where the robin always sang,

    as ducks slid over the water

    hurrying for those multiseeded wholemeal breadcrumbs

    I used to make in the food processor.

    in batches,from our leftover loaves.

    I had no fish for them nor wine,

    but they floated listening to the word of god

    as he spoke in a rushing wind

    through the leaves of mighty oaks

    the beeches and the chestnuts

    time seems like a circle

    I’m here again,in the same place;

    not even bread now,

    just myself to give.

  • That’s my snail’s hand writing.
    I quaked like a jailbird.
    I faked it on the day you were born;
    You are so clear,you are politely transparent

    This was an unnecessary wheedle.I loved you any way.Even when you stood on your head.I knew it was inner tensions that had wrought you to this condition.Accept my numerology..it smirked for me.

    Necessity is the mother of television
    She had nerves on wheels
    She’s as nervous as a democrat in a tyranny of fools
    I’m as nervous as a tabby in a room full of be off stares
    Forever put off until sorrow what you can’t grieve today
    She seems to have a new ease in life since she was elastrickated
    Are you a newbie? No,I’m a booby trap.
    Night guys finish with class
    It’s either fight or play
    Nip and pluck
    Slip it into my hood
    No amounting for waists
    Brainier than how…oh,who?
    It’s a flow and go situation.
    We love a virus…no colds barred
    No whiffs,sniffs. take life with a big fizz.
    Nomads like the higher land
    No one underlikes me.I’m so popular it delights me.
    I’m so clever I like to read the Bible in Chinese..I translated it direct from Aramaic.Where is Aramaic?
    I’m so stiff,I squeak when I get up.
    Keep that frown,it suits you so well


  • Don’t marinate me again.I’m very tender already.
    Stop beefing about and step this way

    Don’t hook up with your bugs.
    I have my own viruses already.

    I look upside down when you frown..
    I see you’re smiling this way.

    Don’t look at that man in the gloom.
    He could be Jack the Whipper.

    Don’t fake that race.
    Give yourself space.

    Don’t look so mysterious.
    I think we are related.

    Don’t look so cloudy.
    If you want to rain,here’s a tablecloth for your tears.

    You are looking so enticing tonight..
    I could eat you for supper.

    Stop making such a longing glance at him.

    A rolling stone is not a good boss.

    Do you speak the patois?
    No,we dance it here.

    You are looking very glamorous!
    Oh,it’s not you.
    I mean you’re not her.
    Can I buy you six drinks?
    Alternatively,do you fancy forty winks?


    I’ll take the railroad and you take the gas pipes.
    And I’ll be in hock land before you.
    For socialism is dying
    While we rich are buying
    The UK’s entire assets and the cat’s miaow.

    Where have all the cowards come from

    You look so miserable,you need gin.

    Can I distress all my sins at once,Father?

    I’ll see how God takes it.. he’s off line just now.

    Many friends give life worth,.

    Toad in the hole


    This is an old English dish.now one can get sausages made from beef,turkey and other meats instead of pork.Add a bit more seasoning.Make your own sausages?It’s just very finely minced meat and bread!
    I expect they use all the parts we don’t want to buy..
    A turkey’s ear anyone?

    Is vulnerability a bad thing



    The Relaxation Response has been developed by Herbert Benson, MD, based on his research into meditation practices in a wide variety of cultures and religions. The Relaxation Response reflects the most effective common elements of these practices. It has been found to be beneficial in promoting general health and well being, fighting illness and reducing stress. Benson advises that the Relaxation Response is most effective when it is linked with the user’s personal belief system, utilizing what he calls the “faith factor.” These are the procedures for the Relaxation Response:

    Pick a focus word or phrase that is rooted in your personal belief system, short enough to be said silently as you exhale normally. Some suggestions from the Christian and Jewish traditions:
    Our Father, who art in Heaven.
    Echod (The Hebrew word for “one”)
    Shalom (The Hebrew word for peace)
    The Lord is my Shepherd. (Psalm 23)
    My peace I give unto you. (John 14:27)
    Serve the Lord in gladness. (Psalm 100)
    Give thanks to the Lord; for He is good. (Psalm 136)
    You shall love your neighbor. (Leviticus 19:18)
    Hail Mary, full of grace.

    You may also use a more neutral word or phrase such as calm, relax, let go, rest easy, hang loose, or mellow.
    Sit quietly in a comfortable position.
    Close your eyes.
    Relax your muscles.
    Become aware of your breathing, and breathe very slowly and naturally. Simultaneously, as you exhale, repeat quietly in your mind your focus word or phrase. Use only one word or phrase during your sessions so that you can train yourself to relax simply by saying that word.
    Assume a passive attitude, and when other thoughts intrude in your mind, gently disregard them. This is common experience during meditation.
    Continue for 10 to 20 minutes.

    Practice the techniques once or twice daily. Books by Herbert Benson, MD include The Relaxation Response and Beyond the Relaxation Response.

  • Sunday afternoon…
    cat’s sitting by the step
    then runs up rungs
    on fence,pauses
    alert,on top.
    New cat,grey and shabby,
    turns away.He’s gone.
    Sky so full of grey,
    warm like a poultice
    over my face.
    What’s summer now?
    A leaf dripping rain water,
    A short blast of sunlight,
    A breeze.
    It’s so warm,
    what’s brewing?
    Not only tea.
    Holly berries gloat]
    like scarlet flowers,
    I’m brighter than you!
    but wait, a wood pigeon comes.
    He’ll eat the tree full.
    That’s your destiny,
    A pigeon’s bowel,be
    passing through,then.
    Clearly God does not disdain
    such functions
    For recreation.
    In and out,digested and rejected,
    the seeds will fall elsewhere.
    Wait,what’s this upon my head!
    That was unwelcome.
    But Nature knows no manners,
    Except for trees to bow
    Before the gale,
    And the larger to eat the smaller.
    So it goes on.
    Who digested me before I was created?
    Who will digest me later?
    Just worms and other hidden creatures.
    No doubt,they will form food
    for birds.
    So this wood pigeon
    Which shat upon my head
    May be an ancestor of mine
    I’ll bury its dirt in the earth
    To allow further creation
    To go on being.
    Ongoing being,
    That’s life.

    Leave a little space

    When you speak,leave a little space.
    And I’ll leave a little space before I respond.
    A space where my mind can gather in her nets
    to see what your sentences draw up..
    The inner seas call out.
    They ebb and flow
    Tossing treasures onto the shore,like
    Sea shells where once your ancestors dwelled.
    Sometimes it’s good to walk that shore line
    with an empty mind.
    The vast space of the sky and ocean
    can be freeing.
    Space for dreamers’ boats to sail.
    to unknown and alluring places.
    Is the wind fair?
    It seems partly chance
    and partly readiness.
    When you speak to me,
    I’ll wait a moment;
    Then, in that space, my words will rise
    to engage and mingle with yours.
    Something new is born…….
    Our creation.
    Leave a little space,
    A little space between us.
    Space is the place for grace,
    for the spirit to enter us.
    Leave a little space for the unknown,unborn,the waiting.
    We must spare a little space for creation
    In between our minds.
    The in between is where life is born


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