Winter comes in subtle mode

Frozen sundown time

Winter comes in subtle mode,
We see the frost,we read the code.
bright sun deceives our shuttered eyes
Then very soon darkness arrives.
The leaves so red have blown away
We see an early winter day.
The sky was cloudless hence the frost,
The leaves were by wet earth engrossed.
The light swam sideways through the air.
Patterned branches now lay bare.
I saw a robin shadowing me.
What more joy in life could be?
The boldness of this tiny thing
Spurred on my weary heart to sing.
Each day I gather beads of joy.
Each one pure gold and not alloy.
I weave from them a  gay necklace.
And thus I decorate my dress.
Winter,winter,singing near
Let your frost and fog appear.
Let me see your holly berries
Quite as bright as summer flower


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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