Three poems

  •   For the love of an apple

    Oh,my ripe apple,i adore
    your wrinkled skin,your hazel eye.
    i like your shape,i like your taste,
    to eat you up would be a waste.
    i’ll nibble on your perfect ears.
    i’ll lick away your salty tears.
    if you still wish to be devoured,
    let me take one detailed tour.
    i like your lips,so fine and wide,
    through which your breaths flow like the tide.
    i like your eyes as they gaze out
    with just the slightest air of doubt.
    your nose seems for me the perect shape,
    as round it your bold cheeks can draped.
    and most of all,i like your skin.
    so where do you want me to begin?


    Skin is our  both boundary and our bliss full union

    Skin soft yet firm
     Divides yet unites
    Paradoxically elegant solution
    to these lyrical questions.
    How lightly you touch me,
    Yet I feel you so much.
    In turn I touch you.
    Life is a pattern of mutual grace;
    we are all touched
    By the light and the darkness.
    Forgive us,O God,
    For forgetting your face.
    Sun piercing through red maple leaves
    Patterns the flagstone path.
    Hear how the blackbirds call,
    As we wander,paradise is not for humans.
    Though in the end,every living moment
    Is paradise on this warm skin of our world,
    as it spins again in the void:
    And He said:
    Let there be Light.

  •  I’ll try to explain

    I shall try to explain,
    but the world is not logical.
    the bank notes are old and crinkling.
    your face appears like it’s own negative
    the wind glows and the sun howls.
    why is the rain blue?
    i wanted a new weapon but the rainbow was
    too long,i need something small and portable,
    like a pen i once had.
    just a pencil and paper will be fine,
    but please look round.
    we’re all related in the DNA
    but the fighting goes on, for what?
    does it matter my great grandfather was a Viking
    who killed when necessary
    or my grandmother sang in Gaelic
    and swooned over dead children?
    i can’t see but i hear their voices murmur.
    a blue and a brown will go together
    like harris tweed.
    shall i give you some needles to patch yourself
    before it’s too late?
    i have long threads and connections for you,
    if you will listen.
    you don’t need the A to Z of London
    in this world
    it’s not relevant any more
    to know exactly where you are,
    just use the finger tips to feel the cave walls.
    do we know whether to go back or forward
    or even upside down?
    trust the sense of bones and nerves
    and the sea in our veins
    linking us all
    into a human whole.

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