Greed:humour for the gloom

The dark valley of greed with apologies to Sigmund Freud

Down yonder dark valley,where bankers meander
On dark grey,cracked pavements I thouightfully roam
Or in the bright moonlight,I pensively wander
For once this here City was my native home..
But now I’m a tramp and sleep on a gravestone.
I have nothing left but this black carrier bag.
I get food from the convent
And eat on the pavement
And soon I am hoping to get my own blog.
I have a little netbook
and now I’ve got a dongle
I’m keeping many notes
On the city wranglers..
I’ve got a nokia camera phone
On semi-permanent loan
so I snap all these bankers,
[Or should I say wankers? ]
I hope I can squeeze them until they all moan.
I love my little dongle,
As around graveyards I stumble.
It keep sme in touch with the whole wide world
And if I sometimes caress it,
It’s only to check it;
And make sure I’m not turning into a girl!
Do you think that is sexist?
Maybe you’re a Marxist?
Please carry a sign on the top of your head!
I say what I please
If it’s only to tease,
But I’d love to come with you and share your big bed.
And stroke your curly head.
And show I’m well bred.
When the fleas have all fled.
Ny name is not Ned.
Yes,I am a biped!
Was it something I said?
Have I lost the thread?
Would you like to get wed?
I might live in your shed!
Is the last letter still Zed?
My face is not red.
Please give me some cred.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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