Skin's too thin


    Why don’t I grow a thicker skin,
    Is it possible?
    I’ll wrap myself in cling film,
    And brown paper as well.
    I’ll go down to the Post Office,
    All tied up with green string.
    I’ll post myself to heaven
    Where I’ll hear the angels sing.
    Do you know which street it’s in?
    Or is this heaven here?
    I’ll be happy when I hear the choir.
    And feel the joyful atmosphere.
    Floor plan
    I wish I had an extra layer
    Of rubbery,pliant skin.
    But there’s little use complaining
    About the state I’m in.
    I go by sea,I go by land.
    The Lord God He made me.
    But I wonder as I look up high,
    Why I am not a tree!
    For trees do not have nerve endings,
    Under a thin skin.
    They dig their roots into the soil,
    where slugs and worms have been.
    Their roots may be in Hades,
    but they have crowns above.
    And one fact that I know for sure
    Trees don’t fall in love.
    Sudely   Castle SCAN0001
    Make me like a little child
    With eyes of wondering joy.
    Let me see your tygers now
    Fill me up with awe

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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