Be an other lover if you can

lease do not take this as criticism.
You may have been touched with narcissism.
Now we have a choice to make today
We need to decide upon our way.
Shall we attempt to cure our ills,
By therapy or swallowing pills?
Or shall we try to think of the Others
As of value and not just bothers?
Can one solve a problem intellectually
Or how about behaviour therapy?
Repeat these words here every day.
“The Other person has their own way.
I am not much better nor much worse.
Thought sometimes my words can be too terse.
?There are other points of view
And it’s not just mine which may be true.
If I accept another’s word
A new world comes which can be shared.”
But from where do we get the appetite
To keep these others in our sights?
Floor plan
And learn to feel as well as think
And even learn just how to wink!
Nonverbal cues can be so fine
We won’t mind if they’re your or mine,
Share alike as mother said,
Then noone will ever lack for bread.
If all are happier,you are too.
That’s a sentence very true.
So take no joy in misery,
And misery will leave you be.
At others’ happiness be glad,
For so many times, we’ve each been sad.
Envy will not make for joy,
So take my words and with them toy.
As children learn with cries and tears
So must we deal with our fears.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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