Summer in England

The summer in England’s a marvellous myth,
The hedgerows are full, with black bags of rubbish..
When we climbed up that drainpipe,right near Whipsnade Zoo,
I wish that the shopping mall had not blocked the view.

The summer,the summer, I’ll say it again,
I don’t even care if it’s sunshine or rain.
I like walking for miles on the edge of the sea,
Though I don’t usually have just raw fish for my tea!

The summer in England is like a good wine.
The gardens are brimming with marvellous design.
This summer I feel is for pleasures divine,
So why have you stolen that big red road sign?

The summer is my favourite time of the year.

I love tending to your whims and have love here to spare.
I like to give you all my sweet tender care,
But I didn’t expect Rodney,your pet polar bear!

In the summer the days are longer than long,
Which gives you much  time to   plot doing wrong.
You are out selling street drugs and planning more raids,
And most likely seducing many pretty young maids.

The summer and the sunshine is what we prefer,
And going on the merry-go-rounds at the Fair.
We love to eat ices and drink lots of wine,
If we had some food too,I could feel quite benign

Our English complexions are famous world wide
And giving directions we are good at beside.
We have many virtues , of that there’s no doubt,
But vice is more fun, as the French have found out!#

This exceptional  bright summer is driving me wild,
Like the weather,I am usually both gentle and mild.
I loved ambling around near the top of Great Gable
But there wasn’t enough room for the chairs and the  table!

This rare English summer is lovely to see,
Especially the leaves on our copper beech tree.
The rose in the churchyard is out in full bloom.
It’s the first time I’ve ever made love on a tomb.

The quiet and the peace are the things I like best.
A velvet green lawn, and somewhere shady to rest.
I prize very highly our lush countryside,
It’s just all these English folk I can’t abide.

This summer is passing with sunshine and showers
it’s the best weather yet for the fruit and the flowers.
The long summer evenings will be over too soon,
I just hope in the winter we can make love in your room.

Oh ,the country in England is bewitchingly fair,
I would happily spend far more time there.
The fields are all full of ripe barley and wheat,
Though I wish we had sometimes had cooked food to eat.

In summer in England we still can get low,
And then we need somewhere more exciting to go.
But busting the safe in that posh jewellery shop!
I wish that you’d heard when I asked you to stop.

In summer  like winter ,men get deep desires,
so they like to meet ladies for loving soirees.
I adore all  those diamonds you stole just for me,
But I can’t wear them that much or my husband might see!

In England, in summer, we all work too hard,
But in your case, I thought that the work could be shared.
I helped you to crack all those ciphers and codes
Now I wish I’d stayed at home scanning odes.

I did all that code breaking just for interest and fun,
I never thought we would have to  go on the run.
You think we’re a modern day Bonnie and Clyde!
When we were arrested, I nearly died.

I must accept my considerable share of the blame,
Without you my summer would not be the same.
We had so much joy, and such fun and such games,
I wish we’d not given the policeman false names.

The prisons in England are the best in the world,
And so are the police stations too,I have found.
I hope that my lawyer arrives in good time,
Because if she doesn’t, it’ll ruin my rhyme


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