Pray as you glow

He’s bared for the golf  course.
I passed for gray until I had a bath.
Most English people used to be beige but soon they’ll all be peach.
Please pass me on to a good home when you have unwired  me
Pass me your pluck and guts and I’ll be alright then
They passed the cat round after Mass.
They threw my hat at the double bass.
I pass as with it,despite my vying colors
I always took the path of most persistence;now look at me.
Water takes the path of least resistance and see how it floods like a pent up rage
Pray as you go with your woe and I’ll hold you with my calm.
He pays lip service to me every night.
Can you pay the grim reaper for me?
He play tunes through his nose.
He says he’s fuming and morose
Playback is a bewitching on my new radio
I grew long curls before I rhymed.It took a year.So forgive me my emphasis.,
They are like faint pleas to God that I send out in waves
Peel all the onions to make the sinners leap/weep/keep right on till the end of the code of morals
I’ll gently wheel you to the Inn so you must grin.
A penny is less then we thought
A pinny is a female matron


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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