It's awry now

Endless birds have tried to nest with him.They keep falling out
Every Blog has to pray daily on this site
Every sin is coming up blushing…what did we do?
A cheesed off man makes hay while the wife rhymes
I fall down into bed when he spins me his line.
I feel too icy for you…can you warm me up with a microwave organ?
Ban the old flames from your bed or I’ll split.
Lassies are always sweeter in the spring time
Sing on there
Have I a heart to spare? Not today,thanks.
Tart breaker…leave my quiche alone.What harm has touched you?
Heavy weather tonight.. see the chart and dry now.
I can’t leave home without your shoes.
I can’t live without glue.
I love you more than a rose thorn.
Help me pick the time.
Keep your grin out.
He’s missing his clothes!
He’s booking into my soul.
They were lost in the bedcovers.
He said he played for the Wanderers and now I believe him…he found my Arctic wastes and warmed them till I was like putty in his hands…
Now I’m a statue in the park.
He said sex was a marital fence breaker.. and he needed his offensives more than ever.
All I heard was,Plead with the whips.
It was a lover queered my pitch.
What a lovely ditch.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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