Eat words


Set a life alight:smile at the cat
Get a  free dinner:fast all day and faint with  hunger and be hospitalised
Set a word in Wedgewood and eat it it yourself
Let all worked up folk breathe out then pause for a month
I get a fearful noise from her snoring but  what can we do? Love is almost enough
I got back in the hearse..I am dead now I realise
He gets cleaned out every night by a woman who likes brandy and dirty men
Get crushed at work:become crumbs and let birds enjoy you
I am let down.I wish I were Romeo but I am not handsome according to my sisters
Did you wet  yourself  or just sit on a wet bench to cool your bottom?
Wet and  lost:sit by my fire and perspire along with my cats
Get my sausage off the cat.. or from inside the cat or it will be mincemeat.
I get off the bus at the bus stop even if it doesn’t ,if you feel what I seem

I set off the burglar alarm and got arrested developmentally

Get out of the hedge before I strim you level
Get out of  my beer bottle and buzz in your  own hive
Get away  from my tears and let me seep wetly into a sheet
i get over the Hump by patience and slow breathing
Get the look again?Men.. what are they after?
Get to the bottom of him and photograph his rear end now
Get up off the cat… it’s gone flat.

Please relieve me,I must go…I’m bursting for a wee wee.

No I’ll never love a man again today at least.

He stole  my heart…how do they glue it?


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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