Dr Caskett

I once had a doctor called Casket.
Who kept all his eggs in one basket.
When his house set on fire,
He put them all in the fryer.
And into the flames he then tossed it.

Another of my doctors was Fred.
He  once tried to climb into my bed.
I said “je t’adore”,
As I showed him the door.
And a virtuous life I then led.

I married a doctor called Baird.
He managed to get my heart stirred.
He was as bald as a coot,
And smelled like ripe fruit.
When I talked he seemed never to have heard.

So when  I was filing a suit.
His big eyes filled up with doubt.
He said “What have I done,
That now you me shun?”
I said “Nothing,yet you looked like a brute!”

I packed  up my suitcase and left.
My hands signals were not very deft
So I walked straight ahead
And fell into your bed.
Now I’m not Baird, I’m called West.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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