What to wear or not!

There is so much rubbish about what to wear;how to look thinner,sexier,hide your hips etc.If  clothes are a major issue for you there are some good choice.Imitate the late Jean Muir  and dress  in only one color.And if you find some super shoes buy 2 pairs.And why not begin to wear petticoats again…I know they are not in fashion but they keep your clothes cleaner and also keep you warmer.Anf they are pretty.I like to look pretty myself so I try.And don’t try to look thinner..drop the burden and be seen how you areIf you don’t need to dress up.women spent most of the 70’s in jeans and sweaters and no make up…that’s the hippy bohemian style.And get a good coat for winter.I see people out semi naked in the snow and ice!And they are not poor.It’s just a craze amaong the young.

Now I am going out to buy a new dress for a party

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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