Good for the heart?


Do you listen to your heart or your mind?How do you tell the difference?


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One Response to Good for the heart?

  1. ShimonZ says:

    I read the article you referred to. It seems there, that the mind is described as a source of reactive, subjective, and rational thought. And the heart, by contrast is described as a source of intuition. The mind, of course, doesn’t have to be so reactive, not does it have to be highly subjective. However, for most of us, it does represent rational thought. On the other hand, we can develop a sensitivity to our intuition, and then have feelings that may indicate deeper truths and understandings than those that lead us most of the time, without being able to see the process of how we got to such feelings rationally. This is intuition. Some say that women are more intuitive than men. I wouldn’t know about that. But I have known people who were highly intuitive. On a personal level, they often had an awareness of what was good for them without having a rational progression that lead to their ‘feelings’. I think it is best for a person to listen both to his heart (intuition) and his mind. In any case, this is one woman’s thesis. There are those who see the heart as a source of emotions. In that case the dichotomy is between emotions and rationality.


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