Lost or broken rituals

May the day bless you with happiness and joy


My early life and its rituals:

In the evening after we finished our homework we packed our satchels ready for school.We filled our fountain pens with ink and sharpened our pencils.We used pencils a good deal as  ink was not cheap.Then  we wound up our watches and dad polished all our shoes and brushed them till they gleamed.When I was small I recall us kneeeling in a semi circle by the fire and saying night prayers out loud together.Then later we stopped doing that and so we said them in our bedrooms.We always knelt down.Dad used to sing lullabies when my sister was a baby.Now babies probably have a digital device playing music to them or a mini TV over the cot.In the morning  the prayers were a bit rushed as we were not so good at getting up.Then after breakfast our watches and satchels were ready so we couls dash off to school.I think now even watches are run on batteries  and people use ballpoints with long kasting refills there are few acts we need to do regularly but writing a blog could be one if done thoughtfuly.SatchelI had a satchel like this until I saved enough money to buy a briefcase.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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