Window gazing

Don’t turn round,because I am staring into your window.I want to see if you have any weird pictures on your wall and whether you put the ironing board down when you finishor leave it up.And if you have a fire.

Do you have any  books?I am  wondering what your life is like,trying to imagine ,I see the world is divided between people who have patterns on the carpet,those who prefer plain carpet and those who have no carpets..And again,wallpaper.Why does it have all those little faces in it?Are they all watching us?If so why?Are they angels or spirits1?Is that a  bottle of brandy you are swigging?This woman is smoking and looking at Vogue and next door the woman is holding a crying baby.Here is a man standing gazing into a mirror…

I look into your windows but not the bedroom windows as they are too high up!Unless I get a ladder.. from the window cleanerIs it a sin or a crime to look into other people’s windows?I suppose  people might think it eccentric.I would love to look into people’s eyes and see their spirits but they are invisible now.Once I could see them like alittle lightAnd  anyhow. people get annoyed if you look into their eyes too long or  not long enough.I believe my staring is odious but we all have our oddnesses…I can’t prove it..but I believe it

Discuss briefly and then  write your own oddity down

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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