How seeing human troubles affects us differently

Photo0284This morning I was having coffee in a very nice place when a group of people came inwhich consisted of about 7 physically and mentally disabled adults each with a carer.They were all given drinks.Some seemed calm and happy.One woman seemed very agitatedShe was walking around on tip toe jabbing her fingers into her own face… a large kind young worker was with her.. seemed not to see other people.My reaction was to feel happy that such people are now taken out to enjoy the sunny morning and a drink in cafe.My companion found it very distressing  for some hours afterwards too. I have often seen them or more usually it is children like that who are taken to some coffee shop,I was only pleased that the place from where they come will pay the high prices charged.Yet on other occasions this friend watches violent films on TV with no effect.I never do.We are all different.And now we have a better society I hope the government is not planning to cut back on care for the handicapped… they used to be very restricted partly because noone wanted to see them.

I would not mind working with them if I had training for it.Would you like your son or daughter to do that instead of going for training to work in the City or become a lawyer or doctor? My friend could never do it.I find that food for thought


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