One of the top 20 jokes according to the Daily Mirror writers

I’m on a whiskey diet. I’ve lost three days already.

No, that is not funny enough.They must be lacking in knowledge

But then would you write for a Mirror?

Like writing for a window…. you can write on my mirror,though,if you want as long as you do mirror writing

ie you start on the right and go left.Then when I see it I will know everything

Build me a mirror at my gate

And call me up on the phone in my house

So I can  slip off

and look at myself….

Maybe better in the bathroom

There is “The Writing on The Wall” but where’s that wall?

And the game is up.

We know what you are after.. but what are you before?

The newspaper should be The Daily Window…after all we don’t believe the world is just a mirror to us,do we?


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