My spelling is disimproving .. reed my dreem

I wunder if my speling is any better twoday?Lately I’ve had som weerd and uncliched dreems.In one I was in a procession of Oxford Dons.All the uther peeple were waring fancy gowns and hats.I joyned on the end but I was only waring an old bayge trench coat.

Then I saw them going  into a Chapel for a servis.I saw big stayned glass windows…then I thought to miself,

Y am I heer?

Upon witch I got   up and walked owt and left those posh  and famos peeple in their.

In their what?

There glory and fame.

The man at the front of the procession had given me a very meening full look as he passed me.I am shure I have no ideea what that meens……if he loves me he’s not mutch help in a dreem is he?

Duzz it meen I will meet some famous man soon?If so I’d better pull up my sox and get  a move on ,thowgh better not count my chikkens befour they are hatched.Life is full of littel surprizes like still beeing alive in the mornings wenn I wake up..How sweet to c the son shining in the sky and the snow falling onto the grownd so I can bild a snowman and get a tan as well.

Now tell me how manny misstakes I have got in my spelling today?I  have managed moor than yesterday so I am mayking gud prowgress and will soon get banned by the Ministry for Educashion.Then I shall be famos at last and meet that  man from my dreem somewear I have never travelled wear ur I’s have there silence…thank you e.e. cummings.I luv ewe.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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