Saving money on sheets and other odd notions that come into my mind

In the middle of the night I had a brainwave.If I could cut the sheets of A4 paper I use in half depthwise I could save money.When I woke up I was wondering what tool would do that.

They must have something in paper mills as artist’s paper is thicker than the paper we use for writing on.Tracing paper is thinner but you could only write on one side.

So in the end I decided to use lessink by using  a pen with a fine nib or a fine refill in my ball point pen because it seems logical to think that would be an economy.I admit many of my ideas are utter nonsense.Like if you had  pyjamas with feet on like babies have you would be able to change the sheets less often as the feet sweat a lot but  it you went to the bathroom and stood on a wet patch in the night that would not be nice!So I shall resume sleeping in a clean  old potato sack instead.Though it’s hard to get out of it in the night.But it’s warm especially with a few baked potatoes in there too.

But can I eat them after sharing their bed?Sometimes empathy can be  over the top.Potatoes don’t have hearts or minds as far as we can tell.If we got too filled with empathy we would die of starvation.That’s the way of nature …….to eat or be eaten.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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