Anthropomorphic ideas and further thoughts about living

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An·thro·po·morph·ic /ˌænθrəpəˈmoɚfɪk/ adjective
1 : described or thought of as being like human beings in appearance, behavior, etc.
▪ a story in which the characters are anthropomorphic animals

2 : considering animals, objects, etc., as having human qualities
▪ anthropomorphic beliefs about nature

The reason I have posted this is that I know as a child I saw chairs and tables and houses a living beings.And the windows were eyes,the door a mouth.When I was looking up where the word “door” originated it came  a thousand years ago from the word for mouth.So human beings did see the way I used to see….and no doubt further back that’s why they saw trees inhabited by living spirits for example.Everything was alive and had a personal quality.That could be frightening if you saw storms and gales that way.Maybe at some level we do still think that way and ascribe motives to the beings in the storm who want to harm us

Some people still believe in demons but I don’t.Epileptics were regarded ad possessed by demons until quite recently.

I prefer different language…. it’s a way  of attacking other people saying they are possessed by demons, which I object to.

And it creates problems .by saying that you push afflicted people away.Some folk say that because demons are mentioned in the Bible they must exist.Well,remember much of what was written was explained in ways accepted then as they knew nothing of the medical science we know now.Even great prophets can only use the concepts which exist  in the era in which they live.And also translations alter the meaning inadvertently.The Bible was not written originally in English.

The problem of evil and whether there is an evil principle as an opponent of God is very complex  and wondering about does not to my mind help me to live better .I trust in God whatever that means.


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