In my genes

Some people are genetically bad at spelling.. or should that be geneticly bad at spelling.I must admit I was born with perfect spelling and pitch….but since using a wordprocessor I have gone into reverse and become less good,or even…. bad.Like the word genetically…if I write with a pen I have no problem.

Anyway I was an infant prodigy.As soon as I could sit up I found I knew the names of all my family and after a few weeks I could talk though my vocabulary was limited…I was 22 before I knew the word Fuck, and about 42 before I said it and that was when I set the chip pan on fire,so it seemed a reasonable response. Now I recall a phrase often used by the women when I was little

Lor’ love a dick………………….. sorry.. ….duck…….

Now I realise it was possibly what we call rhyming slang though I doubt if my mother knew.Returning to spelling,it helps if you can read…so I was lucky being geneticly programmed to read by the age of two and to write after someone kindly gave me a pencil and paper when I was 17…Before that I had to write in the sand or on the wall.

I was also genetically born ticklish…I hate to be tickled… it’s not good to tickle children.. it’s as bad as hitting theAnd I hate she sound of chalk on a blackboard.Now I have lost the plot and will end on a note of boastful triumph at self esteem bigger than theself esteem of Napoleon….and believe me,I’m not conceited at all.. not in the least.why… it was all in my genes you see,so no need for praise….narcissistic…. why,thank you,sweetie..I even spelled it write


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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