I still act as if objects have minds and hearts

When I went to bed last night  the touch of  the clean linen seemed to be like the touch of a kind mother caressing me gently.The pillows held my head gently as I lay back.The  warmth from  the heater seems like being held close.These things which I know to be inanimate feel like people with personalities.The cheap toilet paper seems cruel and harsh.The face cream feels like a lover’s touch might as he stroked me tenderly.Even the cat we used to have was given human characteristics.i thought I had stopped thinking like this since  I grew up and no longer saw faces in the wallpaper.Now I understand more and it intrigues me as I go on my way to dream and be loved by my bed linen…everything  seems to have an intention…. clearly I don’t believe it rationally but it’s how I feel.That’s why poverty is so cruel

Cat science joke


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