How to be more lonely and miserable

1.Ruminate for 3 hours on all the bad people you have met in real life or on the net

2.Don’t get washed or wear good clothes

3,Think of all the flaws of whichever sex you love or would love if they were not so unfeeling,cruel and thoughtless,

4,Tell God you hate him….


5.Never hug a tree or try a hug,

6.Always get out of bed on the wrong side.

7.Always go to bed too late so you’ll be in a bad temper when the alarm goes off.

8.Shout at your inferiors,which is all of us.

9 Send emails when you are crotchety using words I can’t print here.

10. Feel you can “be yourself” with your family i.e. be rude and cross to them.

11.Never praise your partner,spouse or children unless they are akin to Leonardo da Vinci in talent.

12.Never buy your partner flowers,fruit,chocolate,cigarettes,perfume and never wash their clothes for them

How the hell did you get a partner… at a Sado-Masochists’ Ball?

That says a lot about you!

Rumination is the worst thing for mental health…so I discovered after doing it for a while..

That’s enough for today


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