Take lessons from a leaf

Norfolk UK
Norfolk UK Drawing


Sympathy is sometimes good,

Especially for those not  made of wood.

Empathy can be superior

If to metal,your brain’s nearer.

Do you want to be fulfilled?

Don’t get ground by coffee mills.

Would you like to be superior?

Do not venture to your interior.

Journeys often end in struggle.

As they make the mind more muddled.

Archaic words can be a joy,

But sometimes such words annoy.

Do you like tea from Ceylon?

Alas my own supply’s all gone.

Do you want to study grief?

Take your lessons from a leaf.

After short weeks on a tree

To be thrown off is destiny.

Into earth the leaves return

To  makee food for journeying worms.

So it will be for large and small

Regardless of status,place and all


About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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