George Osborne is a merry soul.they gave him all our money

my hand 3

The Earth keeps googling all of us

To see just where we are.

I am feeling rather angst ridden but,

Nevertheless, I care.

The earth is sweet ,the earth is round

It might be a ginger biscuit,

I think I’ll have to  gnaw on it.

I wonder,shall I risk it?

The earth has many seas on it,

Shall we drink them dry?

You can if you want to do,

I ‘ll just sit and cry.

The earth has googled Nicky Clegg

And found him in Westminster.

She wants to move him up the road,

To somewhere much  more sinister.

She googled Osborne wallpapers,

For to decorate the sky.

But her credit card was out of date,

So she’s not allowed to buy.

George Osborne is a merry soul

They gave him all our money

And  on Budget morning we’ll find out,

If the outlooks’s sunny.

And David Cameron looks down

To see what we will do.

I think that I might emigrate

And so should all of you.

You want to google Mrs.Earth

And she is googling you.

We are much too inquisitive,

And now we are all in view.

The earth is square and made from silk

,t hangs upon my wall.

Don’t let David Cameron know.

I bought it down the mall.

I think I’ll find a rabbit hole

To go down when I worry.

Alice went down one of them

Look how the rabbits scurry.

Those rabbits know more then we do,

Like all of earth’s dear friends,

Don’t google rabbits please I beg

That would be the end.

Dotty cats

No privacy for animals,

No privacy for people

Let’s send google far away,

And climb up the church steeple.

Let bells all ring,let angels sing

And ponder on earth‘s wonders.

We don’t need google earth for that

We do it every Sunday7

my hand 2


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