Love leaves

Winter in England

Maybe you didn’t know

When you teased me so.

Maybe you never knew

What your words would do.

I float across that space

Where lovers once embraced.

And thus ypu bring torment

To me  to whom love you sent.

When I close my eyes

My daytime face then dies.

I  look across dark seas

To sacramental trees.

My  dreams are full of loss.

Is night or day the worse?

When you return next here

Will love outstrip your fear?

I gaze upon your face,

Forbidden to embrace.

My arms ache deep inside,

As if in agony tied.

Torn apart by grief.

Love is now a thief.

Where has God‘s face gone

As brightly shines the sun?

The pains of life are sharp,

Cutting through the heart.

But still we turn towards love,

With all the strength we have.

Trusting in the dark,

Trusting my own heart.

I step into the void.

Love can’t be denied


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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