Love you at teatime


Cats after tea

Song of the happy husband

I find it hard to be loving at breakfast time

Listening to the horrible News

And it’s hard to be loving at Churchtime

Kneeling in those hard wooden pews.



The Bible ‘s supposed to be holy.

And it’s certainly holier than me;

For I love you so in the afternoon

When we have our Sunday tea.


I don’t like to listen to preaching

Avout how wicked I am

I just can’t wait till the afternoon

To sample your blackcurrant jam!


I know I have been a difficult person

With all my variable moods

Why not pack up a tea hamper

So we can caress in the woods?


I love you all the time ,darling,

But work takes a toll on my mind

But when you show me your cream filled sponge

My troubles are soon left behind.


I love you on a weekday

I love you  dreaming at night.

But I love you the most on a Sunday—–

Your teas are a wonderful sight!


When I was stuck in the hospital

Waiting for  doctor or nurse.

I dwelt in my mind on your Sunday teas

I could have been a lot worse.


Now my illness is over

Normal life reappears

Let’s have a special treat today……..

Let’s pretend Sunday is here.



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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