Vinaya Ghimire’s Interview With Me On Cyberbullying on Hubpages

Intriguing as I got banned



Here I am With My Tabby Cat-I spent far too little time with her while I was fretting about Hubpages

Source: Flora Breen Robison 


Vinaya Ghimire interviewed me twice this year. The first time he interviewed me was for my writing and music as well as my thoughts on online writing. Originally intended for Hubpages, he published it on Wizzley, the website where I now publish. 

Next he interviewed me on my experience being cyber-bullied while I was on Hubpages, and how I eventually was banned there. He wanted to publish this interview on Wizzley too and tried to do do, but it was un-published and locked out from the website because they believe it should only be published on a personal blog. Therefore, I talked it over with Vinaya, and I have decided to publish it on my own personal blog. 


After the break, you will find…

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