Across the road the almond tree

Will fill with buds in January.

Beside the porch,spiked rosemary

Flowers its blue in memory.

Waking these midwinter morns

I long to see Spring‘s lighter dawns

Subtler changes each day bring

The time to us when dawn birds sing

They make new nests,the swans do too.

I’d like to make a nest with you.

The apple tree, quite safe we’ll be.

That shall be our loving tree.

The tree will utter forth its pink

As I write this down with my blue ink

When I look, I see the strength

Of trunk and branches green-brown length.

The roots are navigating soil

Wherein the worms and insects toil.

Another wood beneath the ground,

Is growing deep without a sound.

And its birds do not fly high

For in dark soil there is no sky.

All beings which live upon this earth

Turn to dust to feed new birth.

From the dead,the living spring.

Thus nature her fresh blossom brings.

We reincarnate and we spin,

We turn and turn and turn again.

Like electrons round their nucleus,

This was Love before the abyss.

The atom cracked and death appeared

Apples disguised,like Eve’s, I fear.

The knowledge burned in scientists’ minds,

Until they used their deadly design.

Oh,would some power the gift give us.

To navigate Love‘s nucleus.

And could we spin in joyous mode,

So choose to take that Other Road.?

We need to smash the Looking Glass

Wherein cruel Chesire Cats do laugh.



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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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