Play by yourself

ou can play by yourself,but not with yourself [in public.]
You can play with words and on words though.
You can play for yourself and to yourself.
You can’t play for words or to words.
You can play about by yourself but you can’t play about with yourself. in the coffee shop.
You can play about with words and write a Play with words
You can’t pray to yourself but you can pray for yourself
You can pray to God but not for God but how about without God
You can pray without knowing
Can you play without knowing?Yes!
Can you play with God? Can you play by God?
You can pray by yourself with others and for others or about others.
You can pray with words and for words and without words but not about words
You can pray silently and play silently
You can find your vocation and take a vacation.
You can steel yourself but not steal yourself.
This seems odd.I can be odd but not seem odd
I can be funny and seem funny but not vice versa
Vice,why is it so appealing;so appalling?
Why are our vices so revolting?
Now my dinner is congealing.Goodbye
This life is a play written by God and humanity
without much humanity though as we are too hard
We are too hard on ourselves and others and vice versa
I see where this may be going
so who is writing it?

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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