Read your Baubles daily


  • Don’t use your foam when in company.
    Please harass me when in doubt.
    Read the novel history of diction..
    What is your affliction?
    Does he stow his cards under Mabel?
    Why did Beth have a Mac?
    Adam and Eve were unmarried and had only God to revise them
    Poetry is good for the behind
    Don’t weed my letters today.
    Please delete me,let me go.
    Please take care with stamps and rogues.
    Please stalk on the footpath provided.
    Beware of the dull.
    Are you the delusion or the prodigal son?
    Feed your Bible daily.
    Please don’t seed my hand nor foretell my date of mirth.

    Isn’t life remakeable?


About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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