Eeh,I ,Ohh. I love you so


I’ll draw a graph of Mother Earth
I’ll need a lot of paper.
It won’t be easy,I know that,
But Geo’s my alma mater.

Geo came into our maths class.
We had to find her metre.
If we did then we could write
A poem with which to greet her.

With ologies and eulogies,
The earth is deep in waste.
Give me some green graph charts
I’ll do some cut and paste.

I’ll rearrange the entire globe,
Without a deal of fuss.
If anybody notices
They won’t know it was us!

I’ll put all the mountains in the world
Into one continent.
And if I am that way inclined
The globe will look quite bent.

Ill put the lions and tigers too
Into Parliament.
Let them eat not cake but men
And don’t charge them a rent.

I’ll paste all the seas that I find
Onto my washing line.
With less water around the world
The weather should be fine.

Oh Geo was a darling child,
So promising and bright.
Mixed up with the graphs and charts
I hope she’ll see the light.

I’ll put all the stars into a box
We have far too many.
Yet only one sun and one moon,
So,would you like to buy any?

Geo return,I love you so.
I’ll give up cut and paste to show.
That you are all I ever know,

and i do love you so



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