Friendship’s perils


Most people like and need  to have a group of friends.And now on the net we can make friends at a distance by sharing writing and thoughts..However this is not without its risks.I how know that a person who tells you all their problems very early in a relationship is not a good person to befriend.I believe it is better to get to know someone slowly

.A person who tells you about their trauma and trouble is looking for a helper,not a friend.And it is a kind of manipulation.On the internet such people can study your writing for weeks or months and then make a move.

People complain of loneliness when they have a partner and a family and friends.Why do you think you can help them?Are you really any better than their present friends?Are you flattered they tell you this?Beware.Inevitably you will reveal you are a mere human like all others….. and then they will take umbrage and bitterly complain about your lack of sensitivity.Or if you ask for courtesy they will be offended because all they write or say is  of course perfect,iIf they hurt you,it is you that is too sensitive…nothing they do can have done could cause anyone pain. So take it slow especially on the net and with people from other cultures.They can drop you from a great height


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