Poetry horrors

There are many people who think poetry must rhyme.But in fact the most important thing is meter or musicality

I have found some of my early work is poor but it’s better now.But there is so much awful poetry on the net,I only wish people would read one or two articles about poetry or read

_”Poetry for Dummies” or similar works.

One person has paid £300 to have his book published and though the work is heartfelt it is inn need of much editing.

I know the amazed feeling you can get after writing a poem,but it’s a bit like falling in love.

Think of “A midsummer night’s dream” and ponder…. feelings are not the final guide in love or in creation.I am far from despising the work of the amateur.I am not very critical by nature but sometimes I cannot help being astounded by the dreadfulness

People using  both Thee and You in the same poem

Using cliches

Using “poetic language”  like  ” where ere you go” ‘Twas on a monday morning.It’s out of date.

Poor meter.

Never having read much after Shelley/Wordworth/Keats

Never having read much at all except a newspaper…. a tabloid

Now,if you love to write but your work is not worth publishing. it’s still a really good pastime

and a learning experience.But ask someone wise to read it before you try to publish it.Or write a blog and ask for critiques



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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