Why I reject legalised euthanasia

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If ‘likes’ are anything to go by my blogposts against legalising euthanasia are about the least popular ones I make. In the past two decades support for legalising euthanasia in Australia has climbed from about 65% to over 80% so I am definitely part of an increasingly unpopular minority, especially among colleagues on the progressive side of politics.

But I’ve never been in the business of winning popularity contests, so this is another post about why I think euthanasia should stay illegal.

I’ll start by spelling out some of the inconsistencies in my own position.

I categorically support the right to abortion on demand, even to late term. The distinction between a just-about-to-be-born foetus and a newborn baby is arbitrary but I am still against killing a newborn no matter how serious his/her birth defects may be. The reason is because the distinction between a newborn and a one day…

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