Her wits have been tried and found haunting.

I like reading on a cylinder…she prefers a kindle.It takes all ports!

I like to do the worst things first.

He let a wish out for a saunter round his mind then he submitted to temptation

I’m as with it as as a diamond ringing

Are you fit enough to be hung out to dry and maligned?

Her wits have been tried and found haunting.

She fits me like a love.

He fits like a brand from heaven above.

Is he as flash as a cat with a golden fleece?

I have only flashed a pan… it was a humane error.

My belly is as flat as a rugby players knee.

I wish I were reciting  a Xmas cracker.

She’s very sweet footed..always an asset in this day of ragen

I only wanted to be flung onto the bed not out of your window..I’m not into SM and never will be.

His hip hops and his mind flops.

I’d like to whip you some cream,kid.

Can you spell the word ,Hoarse? Oh,of course,what’s it’s source?

Have you no ad voice?

My humor is ill today


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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