Homeless vision

In London town,I  saw the moon,

It looked oh,.quite impressive.

I lay myself  down on a coat,

So I could  write this missive.

After lying staring up,

I began to feel real dizzy

I thought I saw the Pope go by.

Do you think I’m going crazy?

He was in a large white car

All wrapped up in tartan.

I know you won’t believe me but

I felt almost certain.

I went to a free soup kitchen,

As I’m a homeless person.

I saw ten angels looking down,

So I called  out “Stop staring

I went inside a shop doorway

To get an hour of sleep.

I I dreamed I dwelt in the U. K

It nearly made me weep.

If I really was in my England

I ‘d have the N.H.S.

I’d have a council house of my own

And good news to confess


About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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