Dandelion clocks

Government Testing Base

Why clean when you could

Chase dandelion clocks round the garden
Tame some ants.
Photograph cobwebs.
Watch clouds go by.
Kiss you other.
Chase bugs out of your bed.
Save a spider from going down the plug hole.
Dust your hair.
Watch rain drops run down the window
Slip off the patio and break your collarbone
Drink cheap tea in A & E.
Fall off your bike.
Lose yourself in your thoughts
Go into a brown study
Read my lips.
Paint your face.
Look into a mirror
Sniff hot salt water up your nose
Any of the above?
All of the above?

Explain your choice in a short essay.
Or get stuffed.It’s a free country

What a joke!

What! A joke.

W.Hat,A Joke Esq.

What’s your game?


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I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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