Fifty shades of grey?

This book is now famous and perhaps as widely read as the Bible

I saw it before it was famous for I often rest in an armchair in Waterstone’s bookshop.Whilst there I pick up some novels from the new books section and take a look at them.I took this along and read about five pages.I felt the prose was possibly worse than average.And it was boring.I never reached the part where the sado-masochdomesticism comes in though I have looked since.At the time there was nothing at the beginning at all sexual.I see that later on He tells Her that he is going to force her to have oral sex with him.But it’s expressed more briefly.What is puzzling me is why so many people read it.I am sure one can find much more tittilating tales.Or more tales about tits,even.I believe whips come into it too.I thought the title was referring to all the different types of dust one finds in the home,on one’s head or on the cat.I was hoping it was about domestic affairs with a duster not a rope and whip!I find cleaning keeps me fit and my sex life is private.Whereas  in this book they never do any housework.Who cleans t he whips and buys the French letters?Who pays the bills,writes the wills and washes sills ?Not this lady

I recommend Vladimir Nabokov because he write so beautifully.


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