Where is the world’s skin?


I run my fingers tentatively

down your cheek,


asking you a question


with my eyes.


looking at each other,


you touch me too.


This is my skin


my boundary.


Yours is thicker,


like rubber.


I run my fingers down your chin.


what is this little bone?


I like it.


I like your skin


I like your bones.


I like you.


you please me.


you are tasty.


I like your taste,


your skin,your eyelids.


I like your eye here,


and your other eye too.


Nice one!


I like this hair on your head.


May I touch your hair?


do you like hair?


hair makes me laugh.


I have a fondness for laughing.


I love to laugh.


I enjoy laughter


I love your laughter.


If not, smiling is good also.


Or a gleam in the eyes,


showing the inside smile,


the smiling heart.


I like your inside,




and possibly


your backside.


your upside and downside.


your side sides.


I snuggle you all around with soft wool.


I knit you into my scarf.


I’ll have to wear you round my neck now!


How unusual


How flexible.


How charming.


How alarming


How creative


How interesting.


What an idea!


what a notion


but you are too big for me to knit


So I’ll just touch your hand


with my fingers.


and you touch my hand


with your fingers.


What good hands we have


with such fingers.


fingers are for touch.


fingers are keen to touch.


I like touch.


what would we do


without fingers?


I like your skin.


skin is good


We love skin


We love.




I want skin to be ours


and yours


is mine


and mine


is yours


where is the edge of the world?


skin has no end


it’s infinity


au naturel.


what order!


what design!


What wonder.


what awe.


where is the world’s skin?


tenderly we touch the world


as the world embraces us.


It’s called love.



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