New Books :Recently published

duck drawing 001

A tale of two Kitties   by Charlotte.Watt-the Dickens…. -[Humor]

Bores whom the Belle told off….. Ermie  Emingway {Irony,humor  and wrath for women]

I’m getting buried in the morning…Anne Viking [Biography and black humor]

God’s Frozen People:photographs of the people of the Far North …..edited by Peter Woolf  and his wolf [Photography]

Far From the  Maddening Town….Thomasina Hardy  [Biography and psychoanalysis stitched together in silk ]

Bitter Flames by  Sylvia Wrath   [Torments of adolescence in the USA in the post war era]

Dissuasion  by  Jane Ostentatious.  [Beautifully wrought novel  on a small scale]

The Folding Notebook by Horace Moorings [ Novel that set off the new political agenda for masculinity today’]

The Thrill of the Boss   by    Georgina   Sell- A -Lot :[Romance  and Sadism at work]

Poetry written behind  by Anne Ass [Wit and humor for the receptive]

Keep levitating by U.R.Guru  [Yogic Humor]

Empathy for Beginners   by  J.Christ [ Spiritual]

The Troy of Sex  by  Achilles Heel  [Humorous look at the trouble between the sexes in this day and rage]

Harassment and how to recognize it….. A Feminist [ Spoof guide book]

Textual Harassment… A.N.Other-Feminist   – [post modernist guide to  life for academics]

The Womendarins…. a recently found womanuscript by  Simone de Wovewore [Existential angst amongst women]


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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