5 Lingering Questions I Have For My Ex-Girlfriends

My handbag has vital medication,money,keys,pen,paper
You can carry it for me!

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1. Why Do You Always Carry Handbags Around?

I was fascinated by how much random stuff they could fit in their handbags. Asking what was in them was a great way for me to learn about their values and personalities. I will admit I took advantage of their handbags by always asking to put my stuff in them whenever we were out in public. I don’t feel too bad about it because we both benefited from having Chapstick and hand lotions handy.

2. Why Do You Never Have Anything To Wear?

In college, going up to their rooms was a big spectacle for me. I would look at their closets and try to help pick out things for them to wear on Friday nights. However, most of my suggestions were usually dismissed. Astounded by the different styles and types of clothes they had, they would always complain they didn’t have…

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