Be my lovebird

                   Honesty seed pods

Be my love bird for tonight,
I want you always in my sight.
And I want to hug you too
I do,I do I do.

Winter is a cold affair.
Snow and holly in my hair.
I need your arms to warm me through
I do,I do ,I do,too.

I have to be open with you
I mean to win your love somehow.
I feel as if I’ve met my NOW
I do.I do,I do.

I love your eyes,I love your face,
At which I gaze when we embrace.
I love your voice and music taste
I do.I do.I do.

Be my lovebird,be my mate
Don’t let’s ever separate.
Your kisses give me appetite
.They do,they do,they do.

Shall we nest in this larch tree?
There is space for you and me.
And maybe soon there may be three!
We doobie,doobie dooooo.

About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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