Prey all day

Try to be cruel to cliches.

Plug into   yourself  and   write with- electro-dynamic power

You are a like a  chilblain  on my back; real ,hurting but impossible to reach

She faints into the audience when on stage,so her career has nose dived

She was always too kind to her others.Self obliterating to the point of non -existence.Her sister, on the other hand, needs assertiveness  draining.

And these are Pandora’s socks,the professor quipped naughtily as the  stunned  female student dozed in the lecture hall.

Can I drape myself over you? he asked manfully waving a trilby over his head.

Don’t worry… it’s just a paper tiger for the Bull,they were told

I  am bared for the  golf course and hunting for  your balls she said balefully

They wasted away to infinitesmals. Anorexcalculia

I’ll pass on your gnus to  anyone passing

Pass on  the luck to those  who breed

I’ll pass the hat to Mr.Schwartz as he wears hats all ways..even on his feet now and Zen.He’s  Jewish Buddhist you see.It’s all the rage in him and his pals

They chased  me with flying terrors until I stared them all in their I’s.

Shall we pray as we flow ?

He pays lip service to any woman however thin her lips may have become with age,rage or natural wastage.

I prayed for  the piper but where is my I-tune?

Praying through the nose is a weird idea but I’ll try anything once.Is that Zen too?

The playback  was pinched by a witch’s cat.

I hurl myself on her  before  the wine.She likes to break things up  a bit.

We are like leaves in  God’s gales.It’s the Spirit moving over the face of the water that haunts her.One could almost say it taunts her.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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